Today Literatu released the mobile compatible version of Scribo opening up a whole new reach of access to customers wanting writing assessment on any device they like.

Everything works just like on web with some optimised screen navigation to keep the flow of information and feedback logical and consistent.  Primary and Secondary colleges have full Scribo features including the Scriblett avatar for primary writers.  

Students quickly self serve IELTS essay training, run writing checks and edit their text to see how the feedback changes.  The super cool immersive reader functionality works well as does the writing report that is delivered anytime the student want a complete summary of their feedback.

There is no download as Scribo is optimised for Web on Safari and Chrome browsers on mobile or tablet devices.

You will need a student account to use it. As soon as you login to Scribo on any device, Scribo resolves what to do next and which UI to show you. It’s automatic so you can pick up your smartphone on the bus and go back to your chromebook at home, then your Surface at work and MacBook at college.