Unify data silos into a whole-of-student view with Learning Ledger

Quickly integrate information silos, look across all your data sources, let teachers access the information they want and need to grow learning.

Look across all learning and pastoral data in a single view

??Sometimes the effort you put into to breaking down data silos simply creates new ones. When learning and pastoral data spans multiple systems, having visibility across student and cohort progress takes more time and resources than you probably have. ?

?Growing student success means managing many inputs and influences. Seldom is all data unified into a single narrative that highlights where to target your teaching and make the biggest impact. ?

Learning Ledger consolidates all measures of student achievement, assessment and pastoral care data into a single storyline for students and cohorts. Ledger can even include each teacher’s ‘stash’ of various spreadsheets.

It’s time that important data found you!

Data that finds you? Ledger lets you create alert profiles to support the way you like to monitor progress and achievement. The Alert wizard steps you through building your inquiry at teacher or leader level.

Compare current term to last term, see growth or not. Save Alerts on your Dashboard and Ledger keeps you updated as data changes. Alerts can be set at teacher and learning leader levels to open visibility and communication across the entire school.

When Ledger has enough cross-source data, our unique L-AI and T-AI intelligence automatically builds and delivers insights to you. At both Leader and Teacher levels, artificial intelligence finds fun facts that you won’t find in charts. Let the software do what software can!

Build a picture of every student and class

Learning Ledger builds an inclusive view of progress across all data sources at student and class level. Ledger manages a super powered, digital data wall for every combination of inquiry.

Combine data sources at will, filter based on subjects and hone in across timelines for any class and student. As more data sources are added, the more complete the picture.

Follow your teacher hunch! Ledger can also let students take more ownership in their learning journey with more visibility across all subjects and classes.

Profile patterns across selected data sources

Profile data sources against each other. At any level, choose specific data sources and see the data profile between other sources instantly.

  • Do students with a high emotional balance do better in Maths and English?
  • Do students who perform well in Diagnostic tests, perform well in mid term results?
  • What type of students do you have in your cohort and what makes them tick?

Teachers and Leaders look across and class and or students to discover where more support is needed.

Get your data working for you…in five days you have visibility across learning data in one place

Sign up for the Ledger Discovery Pack. Fill in the contact form and we will make contact. You need to give us some standard data so we will be asking you for this. Day 0 ends once we have your base data. Your first view of your data is guaranteed to make you smile.
On day 2, Ledger is live with your data. Ledger has ingested your school’s supplied DIAGNOSTIC data. Class dashboards are ready to access. After a quick session with us online, you are ready to go exploring.
Ledger has rebooted data insights. Create alerts and inquiries, show findings to your peers. Start thinking about the other data sources you have. What about attendance, behaviour and other Pastoral or self-evaluation data? How about Mathspace and Mathletics data? What about all the other diagnostics sources.
Explore Student and Class summaries. Configure Rules and Alerts to filter and explore your teacher hunch. Start conversations and share data with your peers about what you can see. Link current assessment data to expand the whole-of-student picture. Congratulations, you have started a new journey

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