There is a whole new way that technology can help teachers, save time, increase impact, find opportunities for growth.... That's what we focus on.

The job we do for teachers?  Find learning stories hidden in data flows, varied information and evidence sources that surround them every day.

Literatu employs AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) in all our applications. Both AI and ML  make clever use of available computational power that teachers can count on to save them time and streamline the creation of insights from volumes of data. We are famous for our “what we noticed” insights that deliver insights you need to know, rather than charts and graphs you need to figure out and train your eye to use.

Working with new and existing data, AI opens a new dimension into time savings and insights. Data you currently spend hours collecting becomes visible in your context, in less time and with more clarity.

AI makes a teacher’s life more informed with more time for feedback. AI reduces the clutter of duplication and discovery and focuses on helping teachers to help students achieve their personal best.

Literatu employs AI in everything we do to help you improve teaching and learning. We refer to AI as Assistive Intelligence because that’s what teachers want from us.

Partner with us in your evolution of using data to do your best work.

Our impact is found in increasing usage - building day by day

Every month we update our statistics and growth. Stay tuned

Number of Students

Number of teachers



Number of Activities Assigned

Number of languages

Number of questions asked

Number of questions marked by teachers

Number of characters Scribo scans per minute

Seconds Scribo takes to check 2000 words

  • Percentage of Words corrected for Students 72% 72%
  • Number of students who check writing 87% 87%

Percentage of students who do Self Directed Learning Activities