About us

We are a passionate team of developers and educators who like many people, write every day, sometimes all day! Good English writing skills not only power all of today’s digital communication, they are the most important skills employers look for.  We all know that growing good writing skills takes time, feedback and data. 

The word challenging all teachers and students is the adjective ‘more’. To get better at writing students need more practice. More student practice needs more teacher feedback. More teacher feedback means more teacher time. Teachers don’t have more time and often students run out of time as well.

We set out to build a platform to help teachers and students save time and increase feedback on English writing- helping everyone do more, by doing less. We created Scribo from AI technology as an assistant to ease teacher work load and increase student feedback. Scribo is now used by thousands of students and teachers every day to do more, by doing less.

Scribo integrates into where teachers and students work with a range of workflows and features that support teaching and writing every day. Teachers and students bring Scribo into their life to help them do their job when they need support. Students need more feedback, teachers need more time and data for high value mentoring.

We believe writing and feedback connections are much more important than simple writing correction. Scribo connects students and teachers, quickly fits into their workflow and helps them both get their job done.  

Scribo simply helps teachers to help students to write better.  Welcome to Scribo.

“Literatu Scribo is not the kind of software where you have to make it work –  because it just does.” Gabriel Suppiah

 “Scribo builds better writing skills” Ira Atiqah

Scribo builds writing skills

Good writing is clear thinking made visible.

Imagine a technology that could save English and Humanities teachers 20 hours a week, deliver personalised feedback to students on demand and help teachers improve the writing abilities of their students. 

What if that technology also managed the data needed for leaders of districts, faculties and schools? 

What if this data highlighted where teaching needs reward and students need more targeted support? Would educators and universities say “WOW, I’ll take a look at that”, “Impossible!” or “I’m too busy”? 

There is only one right answer! – Welcome to Scribo.

We set out to support the hardest skill teachers can teach – good writing skills

Why is writing so hard to teach and why does it consume so much teacher time? There are two good reasons.

  • Writing is a meta-cognitive skill joining many facets of ability and knowledge in one single event.
  • Writing only improves with practice that receives positive and negative feedback from competent people. More writing means more feedback and more feedback means more time needed. It’s hard to meet anyone who can find more time.

At any one time in the world, there are over 1.12 billion learners of the English language. Research suggests the world needs 69 million more English teachers to cover the learning students need. The world simply cannot create enough English teachers to cover demand. The world needs a better way to get learners the writing feedback they need to develop the most complex English skill of them all – writing.