Who can spot sentence types..well ? Scribo makes it simple.

It’s hard going teaching students the difference between sentence types and how varying sentence types, improves writing.

Sentence spotting is even harder! Simple, Complex, Compound, Fragment and Complex Compound all have nuances and rules.

Scribo automatically identifies the range of sentence types students are using.

Did you know…?

A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. The independent clauses can be joined in one of two ways:

  • With a coordinating conjunction: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
  • With a semicolon (;)

As with a simple sentence, a compound sentence can’t have any subordinate clauses. 


Sentence types – Simple and complex and ……
Scribo writing check for students and teachers makes identifying sentence types a breeze.

With our new fluro sentence color coding, it is easy to see the types of sentences students are writing. Students can see the same dissection of sentences in Scribo Student, putting everyone on the same page.

Sentence types are dissected in the Scribo Teacher Panel – with examples
What it means for you

Sentence types are easy to identify and explain

Making students aware of how they are writing is half the challenge. Helping them write better is the other half. Scribo really helps teachers and students look into what make a difference and how to advance writing skills.

Students learn by doing

With Scribo Student available online, students have sentence types support as they write. If you can guide students in the effective use of sentence types, Scribo does the rest!

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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