A full data wall for the class? Welcome to Class Overview

Classes accumulate many records across multiple events over an academic year. Primary teachers cover the distance solo across multiple subjects. Secondary teachers have up to five classes. It’s very hard to track class overall performance and a history of activities when there is so much attention placed on recording individual student achievement.

Lets not forget that pastoral tracking and reporting is as important as academic. 


Our new class overview timelines help you track longitudinal performance of the cohort and to quickly summarise and rank results of any learning or pastorsal event at class level. When data is available for more than one cycle, you can scan across time. This feature is built into the Class Ledger view. One click and more data instantly unfolds.

What it means for you

Stories are automatically created on demand.

As data is recorded in Ledger, teachers can quickly rank class and student performance based on the key metrics of the data. If there is more than one data set, you can track longitudinal performce over time.

Pastoral data is included in the Class Ledger

Pastoral data is included in the class ledger if we have loaded it. Observations can be quickly made at class and student level, instantly updating the ledger.

Each teacher has a data wall for each of their classes

It’s true. Everything that Ledger knows about is recorded on your class overview and timeline. With everything going on, you can count of Ledger to take you through what has been happening. Students automatically are updated as they move between classes.

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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