Data, data everywhere and none of it to drink

The lament in the rhyme of the Ancient Mariner has become the reality of K-12 leaders.

The number of data sources schools manage in isolation seriously limits the usefulness of the data contained within. Building a whole-of-student view, is the opportunity.

The list below shows only some common data sources found across many K-12 schools.

All sources collect various important data points about students, most have a specific format and all have various data dimensions.

Literatu Learning Ledger knows about these data sources and the important data granularity within.

Imagine having a unified view of achievement for any student or cohort across any of these data sources.

*Stand Alone means the data is not intentionally compatible with other data but rather unique in it’s own context.

Data Name Frequency Context and Use
NAPLAN Annual Stand Alone
PAT-M Usually 2 Stand Alone
PAT-C Usually 2 Stand Alone
PAT-R Usually 2 Stand Alone
E-Write Maybe 1 Stand Alone
MYAT Mabe 1 Stand Alone
LMS Systems Daily Stand Alone
SIS Daily Stand Alone
ALLWELL Usually 2 Stand Alone
Social and Emotional Learning Annual Stand Alone
Mathletics Daily Stand Alone
Reading Eggs Daily Stand Alone
Mathspace Daily Stand Alone
Flourishing Annual Stand Alone
Canteen Daily Stand Alone
GRIT Daily Stand Alone
Essential Assessment Daily Stand Alone
Multiple Spreadsheets Daily By Teacher
University Tests bi-annual Stand Alone
Matifiq Daily Stand Alone
Formative Assessment Various Stand Alone
Personality Assessment Various Stand Alone
Teacher Observations Various Stand Alone
…and MORE

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