Learning Ledger unifies learning stories across disconnected data silos

Learning Data is in plentiful supply in K-12 schools.

As multiple sources of teaching and learning data grow across schools, leaders and teachers know how these data silos fragment and mask important teaching and learning stories.

Learning Ledger builds a unified whole-of-student view across all available data to surface the teaching and learning stories that K-12 leaders and teachers want to read.

The question we answer the most?

Can we please see all the data for a student in ONE PLACE!?

We say YES!

When data met Sally - a true story!


NAPLAN Diagnostic data is a strong source of learning insights. Bring 11 years of testing alongside other measures.


LMS systems capture loads of interaction data, rarely seen in support of any other data. Ledger opens up Canvas and other LMS systems including Gradebooks and participation in discussions and blogs.


SIS wellness, attendance and student reporting data – comes right into Ledger. Even end of term and year reports.

All others

Cloud assessment platforms like Mathletics, Essential Assessment and Mathspace collect loads of data – daily! These are just three of the hundreds in use, all collecting data. Bring this data into Ledger quickly and easily.


You can post to Ledger via API. The API is based on industry standards via xAPI. We can also automate file loads on any schedule.


Across a rage of ALLWELL , PAT M-C-R tests, skills and levels are recorded. Two times a year this data can add value to combined diagnostic readings.

School unique sources

All of your data sources like Library, Canteen, Gym, Extra Curricula, Excel gradebooks, Teacher grade collections, participation, observations house points – all build a unified view of each student.


Bring measures of wellness from all sources like Flourishing and GRIT. Our Ledger APP allows teachers to snap instant observations, add a picture and keep moving, all on their phone.


SCRIBO and our Formative Assessment data all flows into Ledger.

Load it when you want

Use the Ledger > EXCEL loader to load data directly from EXCEL sheets. We create a Ledger recipe, automate the load or you load the data yourself, any time you like.