LITERATU DECEMBER 2018 newsletter

 new for you in 2019

” When student learning stories are supported by data,
teachers get back to teaching.”
When Data 2.0 opens visibility, teachers have the Dynamic Ability To Affect student outcomes.

This Christmas release is all about Teachers saving time and
discovering the true learning stories of each student.
We can’t wait to share the vision in 2019.

gain super powers into class and student progress 

Beautiful overviews in Learning Ledger draw your eye to what’s happening from all the data sources you care about. Teaching and Learning highlights are now delivered in text first, graphs second. How refreshing is that! Teaching and Learning highlight summaries you can read! Scribo opens up to deal with paper and PD is coming online. It’s a cracker of a time to explore more.

We’ve been listening – on all fronts

Learning Stories

Tired of trying to find information  hiding in charts? Take a look at how we turn data into stories you can read and understand, without chart stress.

Scribo Paper

Scribo Paper lets teachers snap pictures of work, add feedback with their finger, voice or stylus and apply a rubric  to record grades. Sensational.

New PAT Insights

Insights into PAT now show the skills that need the most attention. As we do for NAPLAN insight cards, PAT cards highlight more than scores and stanines.

Student Insights

Learning Ledger re-imagines how you look at data. Student Insights outline what’s happening for each student across known and available data.

Class Overview

Learning Ledger lets you track  the performance trends of your class across timelines, and more.

Scribo Thesaurus

Scribo Student offers word  suggestions to students with a really smart Thesaurus.

Parent Reporting

Engage parents with reports that summarise NAPLAN and PAT results in detail.


Record any student Observation with text, numbers and pictures, right into the Ledger, instantly.

We’ll help you build Data 2.0 skills online

We know teachers are time poor and face to face PD takes time and planning. That’s why we’re releasing online training courses! BYOC ( Build your own context) You can stay up all night riveted to our PD courseware or stay up to date with a coffee on the run. Our main focus is giving you the time to think like a Data 2.0 teacher, solving teaching and learning challenges with the right information, al the time. We are working on making these courses count towards PD hours.

Reading and running records for primary schools



We are working with junior schools now to make the READING and RUNNING RECORDS suite the best it can be. If you want to join us and contribute ideas, feel free.

Track growth, assessments, capture pictures, access hand over records – we are really doing this well.

If you didn’t see the last newsletter – you might have missed out hearing about Learning Ledger.

Ledger is now working with some big-name data sources:  Education Perfect, Synergetic, COGAT, Valid Science, Flourishing, SEQTA and Canvas, juts to drop some names! 

Find Scribo in the Microsoft Teams store 

Yes indeed. Scribo is available as a Microsoft Teams app. If you have teachers who want to work in one app, maximise chat connections and improve writing at the same time,  Scribo plays right along in the MS Teams super-structure. Of course, you need to have an O365 account!

We make it easy to connect  everyone across every platform

No one likes being in front of a laptop all the time. Literatu lets you work across your devices, helping you contribute feedback, stay mobile and listen to the data you collect and need.

We're doing what everyone else is just talking about

Schools are beginning to actively shape, rather than remain content to merely sense, student growth and individual outcomes.

To do this, teachers need to be supported with a whole-of-student view encompassing their behaviour, preferences, and competitive actions, together with real-time learning and observation data triangulated from multiple sources. 

It’s an exciting time to help teachers truly deliver a year of learning for every student year of attendance.



Mark Stanley Literatu CEO

DATA 2.0 delivers a Dynamic Ability To Affect.

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Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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