‘next-gen’ school operating models focus on teaching and learning outcomes through real-time feedback

Literatu is all about teaching and learning in schools, not the administration of schools. Real-time teacher feedback drives learning outcomes. When Departments and Diocese add their resources and expertise to focused programmes, all schools benefit.

Literatu helps Departments, Dioceses and all schools implement a consistent platform to support teaching and learning through feedback. Helping teachers save time and grow student learning outcomes is our mission. Of course, Literatu integrates with existing infrastructure. That’s what makes it so easy to start and expand! Many Departments and Groups like to configure elements like Rubrics, word lists and other supporting pedagogies that are already in place. We think that’s great because you stay in control.

Support your Schools with real-time teaching and learning capabilities 


Imagine what it would be like for all schools under your guidance to have systems that support real time feedback in a real time learning context. Assessment and feedback are most effective and efficient when they happen right away.

The most important takeaway from the research is that the shorter the time interval between eliciting the evidence and using it to improve instruction, the bigger the likely impact on learning. The biggest impact happens with ‘short-cycle’ assessment, which takes place not every six to ten weeks but every six to ten minutes, or even every six to ten seconds.” Dylan Wiliam and Siobhan Leahy

How will you help your schools and teachers move to a next-gen operating model?

Enable real-time feedback

Open up capabilities for teachers to save time grading whilst expanding the delivery of student feedback. Scribo helps students and teachers across all humanities subjects. Rich improvement and learning growth data is captured at every step.

Deploy across-school assessment

Collecting across-class or across group assessment data is as simple as deploying a summative online test across the cohort. Data rich insights are collected on every mouse click. No longer any need for expensive external assessment tests.

Special Platforms

Cloud assessment platforms like Mathletics, Essential Assessment and Mathspace collect loads of data – daily! These are just three of the hundreds in use, all collecting data. Bring this data into view quickly and easily.

Target Writing Skills

Implementing our proven writing improvement programme, the Scribo Way, schools engage students and teachers with a capability to improve writing skills. Schools lift writing standards across all levels of students across the school with results visible within one month.

Combine all DATA SILOs

All of your data SILOS like Library, Canteen, Gym, Extra Curricula, Excel gradebooks, Teacher grade collections, participation, observations house points – all build a unified view of each student. Let this happen.

Pastoral Data

Bring measures of wellness from all sources like Flourishing and GRIT. Our Ledger APP allows teachers to snap instant observations, add a picture and keep moving, all on their phone.

Consistent Diagnostic Data

If you have years of NAPLAN, PAT and or ALLWELL data ( tio name a few), you can bring the visibiliyty and cionsistency of data acess and insight into a single platform for all schools.

Literatu is a “circuit breaker” for Seymour in the ongoing learning analytics journey.

Dan Walker

Vice Principal, Seymour College

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Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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