Before teachers read a word, Scribo builds over 100 insights across all texts for each student and the class.

“Scribo really delivers something special for English and humanities teachers using AI intelligence, the likes of which I have never seen before. Scribo really must be seen by all.” 

“All teachers really need to see Scribo. It will change their teaching and their life.”

The key words “before teachers read a word” embodies how Scribo saves teachers so much time. Scribo eliminates the long hours of reviewing, making notes on where help is needed and handling multiple drafts for all classes and students.

 “Scribo creates significant insights into both cohort and student writing, all of which can be shared with the class. Turn off the student names and the whole class draws value from examples and alternatives. To be clear, this panel means no more out of class teacher review time. Lesson planning is now live and done for you. So Exciting!”


Scribo cohort reporting saves hours and hours of reviewing time.

Before reading a word, teachers find where to target teaching for the class and and each student.

The Scribo cohort report opens up class data that teachers have never seen before. In minutes, thousands of words become a rich storyboard of examples and alternatives to fuel teachable moments with your class.

The cohort report is delivered using our AI and machine learning platforms, two capabilities that do all the heavy text reading and analysing.

What this means for teachers is simple. Scribo looks into the features of the text and analyses every word. A six level detailed analysis is ready in minutes for the cohort and each student. Teachers say they have never seen anything like Scribo.

Scribo does not grade essays. Grading is supported through clever rating and rubric capabilities. 





Scribo is famous for the  way it builds a cohort view, from all students’ texts, into a real time detailed collection of insights. Created from an analysis of every word from every text, Scribo builds six insight categories for the class and each student. Students are rated from the analysis with amazing accuracy.


Every cohort writing report is a snapshot of what is happening now across the class. Teachers see the  teachable moments and amplify their input to make a difference. Teach and re-run the report. See the improvement and share it with your class. The panel is whiteboard ready.


The cohort report is a gateway into the grading, feedback, peer review, essay comparison and student marking features. It’s good to know that Scribo can support you. 


No one can fix writing issues in a day or week. Improvement needs a sustained strategy and a team effort. Scribo helps you find teachable moments where your teaching will make the biggest immediate impact. 


Teachers can use Scribo’s flexible rubric grading features. Using your rubrics, you can standardise the way all teachers grade. Students can self grade using the same rubrics.



Our unique cohort report breaks everything down to six key insight categories. Start a conversation about one, two or three, you decide. You have the full surrounding information.