Save hours of grading and review time, with Scribo Live Monitor  

Scribo Live connects teachers to students as they work helping to reduce the ‘big bang hand-in’ workloads and keep everyone connected. The traditional draft / review process is now one click. Scribo opens a live writing connection between teachers and students to keep momentum and everyone on the same improvement page. Now everyone can see feedback in one place.

Teachers love the fast feedback features in Scribo, with voice-to-text (in multiple languages), pre-formed feedback libraries and free text options. All feedback goes right back to students as they are working.


Teachers and students connect in a single writing space

If a teacher and Scribo can help guide writing as it happens, learning never stops and that’s a good thing!

Scribo helps connect teachers and students with an open collaboration ability. 

Do teachers really have to wait for everyone to hand in work before starting the task of mass feedback and overtime hours? Scribo changes the feedback process by making it live. Teachers can see into the cohort as they work, looking for teaching opportunities to help students as they write. Help students deliver their best effort every time by delivering learning as writing happens.


Scribo Live gives teachers a view into what students are writing with full feedback capabilities. From Web or Google Doc connections, feedback becomes a simple collaboration. 


Being able to see where students are at, how the targets are going and how feedback is trending, live, is awesome. It’s like being alongside each student as they work. Why wait for the “turn in” day to give advice when you can guide students every day in seconds.


Scribo is famous for building a cohort view, from all students’ texts, into a real time view of where writing skills and levels are at. Created from an analysis of every word from every text, Scribo builds six insight categories for the class and each student. Start a conversation about one, two or three, you decide. You have the full surrounding information.


Let Scribo do a writing check for you. It’s the same writing check the students use. If you see students not following good Scribo feedback, there is a teachable moment right there! Maybe they don’t understand what to do!


Fast Feedback brings together pre-set feedback comments (no typos!) , voice to text recording (no typos!) and language translations for language teachers and ESL students. It’s all live and connected to students.



Our unique class report is available on demand.