Scribo Student gives instant feedback to students as they write

Scribo delivers feedback for students at any writing level and subject. As students work, Scribo checks text across multiple metrics,  giving them tailored feedback and suggested improvements by paragraph and individual element. Change the text and feedback refreshes. It all happens as students write!

Across six key elements of writing, students work with Scribo to self-evaluate their work, before they hand it in. Teachers use the same analysis engine so that everyone gets the same feedback, from the same page.


Scribo helps students explore how to improve their writing 

Students with more ownership in their own writing, write better.

Scribo helps students think about what they are writing, as they write.

Scribo checks every word giving students complete feedback on their writing, on demand.

As students write text, teachers can live monitor work, leave feedback and analyse all cohort texts to help guide improvement across the class.


Scribo writing checks work with Web, Google Docs, One Drive and PDF documents


Every time students change their text, Scribo refreshes the feedback. This is the most powerful self-learning framework in Scribo.


Scribo works for any subject, at any level of writing. Good writing rules apply to all texts, no matter what.


Students can check ANY text. It doesn’t have to be related to an activity assigned by a teacher. Useful every day is useful indeed.


Teachers can live monitor student progress and give instant feedback directly to students. All feedback is live, no more file handling / hand in, wait for feedback and continue.