Running Records

Actually assessing students and then managing reading records is a huge time commitment for teachers. From what we watched,
much of the work involved is manual, results are often duplicated across systems and there is never one place to deliver the whole story back.

Working with leading Primary schools – we built a fully featured application to :

  • Capture Reading record data for PM Benchmarking, Probe and F&P reading systems in ONE place
  • Record data in Detailed or Simple score mode, dashboards, alerts and inquiry flexible layouts
  • Track each student’s progress over any time frame
  • Share results, interventions and hand over events at anytime
  • Visibility across all classes and school with flexible on demand reporting
  • All results update Learning Ledger alongside all other student results

Want to see it in action?

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What it means for you

Each student's reading records are centralised in one place

Save time – Record and inquire across all types of reading systems used

Other systems that produce reading results can be quickly loaded and integrated

Reduce duplication of records in multiple spreadsheets

Integrate reporting with other student learning records like PAT, NAPLAN, ALLWELL

All teachers and leaders have access to quality and accurate data for all students

Hand over student records as teachers move and change

Able to include parents in the reporting system