Frequently Asked Questions

Presto – Features

Great question! Presto brings together three clever pieces of the study puzzle into one place. 

1. Presto automatically creates study notes, quizzes and flashcards from any text you want to study. Presto uses AI to save you time in study material prep. PUT DOWN THE HIGHLIGHTER PENS NOW!!

2. Presto brings Spaced Repetition into your life, to optimise your revision schedule. By spacing out the time between asking what you know and don’t know, you actually spend more focused time learning what you don’t know. Your memory retention improves when you revise the right questions at the right time.

3. The social sharing of your content with friends has never been easier. Create, share and revise with a revision plan helping you along the way. Presto makes this very easy.

Start with a registration to Presto and your learning materials that you probably have right now. All you really need is something you need to learn, remember, revise or study. It could be content, a chapter on a topic, a list of words or terms, a whole bunch of glossary words, or words in a new language – that’s all you need. Let Presto take over from your current set of files and paper highlights and save time.

Presto comes with a bundle of Prestos in the Public Library you can get going with right away, depending on the subjects you are doing.

You can create your own Prestos by pasting or loading digital text, up to 2000 words.  Presto will read, make study notes, a quiz and flashcards for you in seconds.

or :

You create a Study Deck instantly by pasting three pieces of information via Excel or Google Sheets – term, definition and extra information (known as card front, card back and information) into the screen.

Register and see for yourself.

The answer is No. While AI is learning more and more over time, it can still make mistakes. If you have a very broad text that covers multiple topics, AI does not really know what the most important topic is. In this case AI might miss a few key points. 

If you have content that is very dense (very technically heavy), AI can create questions that seem overly simple. This is because it doesn’t have a strong reference point from the data it has been trained in, or AI can’t find an easy way to ask a question from the content.

We find that if content is about one topic, is 2000 words or less and is predominately factual in nature, Presto AI will do an amazing job, especially in humanities subjects. Let’s face it, chemistry and some of the medical sciences are pretty heavy going.

AI is an amazing resource that gets smarter all the time. AI can really save you time. When you compare the number of mistakes you can make highlighting and missing facts, you won’t want to be without Presto AI on your side.

Presto for Teachers

  • Create a formative assessment from any digital text in seconds. No need to search for content in other libraries. Presto has Free and Premium accounts that offer different levels of features.
  • Assign a Presto quiz to a class or group of students across Google Classroom, Teams, LTI, LMS or via Presto Web.
  • Presto is completely mobile and tablet friendly with full web capability as well.
  • Live monitor students as they answer quiz questions.
  • Use Presto to auto-mark short answer questions. YES! of course this means no manual marking!

‌Presto for Students

  • Create instant study notes, quizzes, flashcards and video links all packaged in a Presto study unit, and all in seconds.
  • Create and share Study Decks – these can be typed in or pasted in via Excel.
  • Use it on your phone, tablet or PC to revise content.
  • Let Presto flashcards space out repetition for you, and manage your revision cycles. Presto asks you questions in order to optimise information retention.
  • Share with friends, and ask friends to share with you!
  • Let Presto read your notes back to you – in your preferred language. Presto translates all text into your choice of language.

Students can sign up on this link:    Sign up here

Teachers sign up on this link:    Teachers sign up here

Presto is both the name of the platform and the output ‘package’ the platform creates when it runs.

A Presto package is created when text is entered and quizzes / study notes are created. A Presto comprises the following resources all linked together so they can be shared and used by all.

A Presto comprises:

  • The source text pasted or loaded by the user
  • Study Notes
  • A series of Quiz questions – usually between 5 and 20
  • Flashcards created from and linked to the quiz questions
  • Videos – linked by Presto from YouTube EDU. Presto finds the most highly rated videos that match the topic.

The combination of these materials is what we call a Presto, designated in the Library on screen with a P.

A Study Deck is a series of facts, a glossary, a multitude of terms to remember and know the meaning of. These Study Decks can be sourced from everywhere and anywhere. From language translations to a dictionary of words – Study Decks are created quickly and shared easily by Presto across Students and Teachers. Study Decks can also be shared in the Public Library. 

The  Study Deck is created by Presto and comprises Flashcards – with two base requirements and one optional.

  • The Card front – Do you know this?
  • The Card back – the answer, term, scenario. The back has what you need to know. 
  • Further information – if there is a longer explanation for the term or concept, enter it. The text will be shown to you after you have answered the card.
  • You can add Pictures to the Front, Back or Information sections. Really handy if you need a picture to explain or work from.
  • Presto adds Videos for you based on the parameters you give us about Subject, Topic and Year. We do our best to find you extra resources that make a difference to you and your precious time.

Teachers and Students can self register into Presto using ‘share’ links sent by other teachers or students. A share link is a web address that directs all users in the right sign up direction. Once a user is registered, share codes keep them all connected and working together. There is no need for students to be members of Classes and formal structures that typically limit access to materials.

Of course. Presto was created primarily for Students. Presto is available for students on the Web, tablet and mobile. Presto is very focused on helping students create study materials and revision strategies.

Presto is used from Years 1 through to Tertiary.

Presto lets any teacher create a Presto quiz and share it with students and colleagues via an Assign/Share link. Teachers can Live monitor and fast grade any activity.

Yes. Presto AI is clever enough to judge the quality of the student response against what it knows to be the right answer. Presto allows for basic spelling mistakes and terminology mistakes and understands alternative correct answers like 1 thousand, 1,000 or 1K. This saves teachers a lot of time and keeps students moving at their own pace.

Yes. When Presto AI creates questions, Presto also creates the right/expected answer and the context of the answer from source text materials. Feedback is instant to students.

Yes. Teachers and Students can post their Prestos and Study Decks into a global public library if they would like to share with everyone. We call these teachers and students ‘Prestonians’ – they have a public profile and can gain great notoriety for their work.

Yes. Students can share in one click via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Teams or Google Classroom. Friends and colleagues get a link and Presto – the Presto and/or Study Deck are copied across to the student’s library – ready to go.

Yes. Presto supports Spaced Repetition, a scientifically proven method for spacing study and revision questions across days, depending on the confidence of the student’s memory of the right answer. 

When students attempt a Presto or Study Deck flashcard question, they declare whether they know the answer, are not sure or have no idea. Presto organises revision dates for these questions across a range of days in the near future.  Students don’t have to remember what they don’t know because Presto does.

Spaced Repetition picks up the question, schedules it and puts it back in the revision queue to be asked again. Presto never forgets.

Spaced Repetition is a very big help to students. Presto uses scientific algorithms to calculate and manage each student’s study schedule.

Check out our Spaced Repetition introduction

Spaced repetition is an evidence-based learning technique that is usually performed with flashcards. Newly introduced and more difficult flashcards are shown more frequently, while older and less difficult flashcards are shown less frequently in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.

Spaced repetition is simple, but highly effective because it deliberately hacks the way your brain works. It forces learning to be effortful, and like muscles, the brain responds to that stimulus by strengthening the connections between nerve cells.

Repetition is a key learning aid because it helps transition a skill from the conscious to the subconscious. Through repetition, a skill is practiced and rehearsed over time and gradually becomes easier. Another important aspect of repetition is the interval at which a skill is repeated. This is why helping students manage Spaced Repetition is so important. Being reminded of what you don’t know goes a long way to remembering.

Previous studies have shown that repetition learning significantly increased the memory performance for detailed and associative information, and at the same time, increased the recollection contribution in associative memory (Barber et al., 2008; Yang et al., 2016).

The SM-2 algorithm, created for SuperMemo in the late 1980s, forms the basis of the spaced repetition methods employed in Presto.

Yes, in one click the study schedules that Presto creates can update Google or O365 calendars.

Yes. Teachers can monitor students as they answer questions in Presto Web or across any mobile devices. Teachers can override question scores that are allocated by Presto. Presto is perfect for at home learning because teachers still have control over engagements.

Yes, students can hand in their work to teachers in Presto.

Presto Delivery

Yes, Presto is delivered to schools, colleges and universities via the cloud. Anyone can log in from anywhere there is a web connection, and your login email or user account can be validated.

Yes, we do. Presto integrates with both. Your primary Google or O365 account can create a Presto account and you have single click access with no new passwords. Register with Google and/or Microsoft accounts from the front screen.

Yes, Presto uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, in particular Deep Learning  to make every student and teacher’s  life easier. AI and DL servers fire up every time you create a Presto.

Yes, Presto integrates  with Google Classroom and Google Forms. Prestos can be shared directly to Google Classroom and Prestos can create quizzes in Google Forms directly. You must be using your Google sign in to create Google Forms.

Yes, Presto integrates  with O365 and Microsoft Teams. Prestos can be shared directly to Teams. You must be using your Microsoft sign in to access Teams.

Students use shared codes or QR codes to connect to Presto Activities or Study Decks. Each Presto and Study Deck has a dedicated share code. Presto creates shared codes for students to invite other students. Teachers create Assign codes to direct students to work on a particular Presto quiz. All codes are supported by URL links and QR codes.

No, Presto is all HTML 5 delivered. There are no plugins required. Presto works with all major browsers.

Yes, Presto is a web application that works well on phones and tablets. There is no need for ‘another’ app – simply a Chrome or Safari web browser. You can even create flashcards from your phone. Crazy cool!