LITERATU February 2019 newsletter

2019 is off and running…
so are we

2019 – the year of personalising teaching through student learning stories
Our goal for 2019 is to bring you simplicity.

We believe that quick access to student learning stories is in,

hunting for stories hidden in charts and complexity, is out.

When all types of learning and pastoral data is aligned sequentially, each student’s learning story is written chapter by chapter. With single click access, personalised learning stories are amplified by teachers who read between the lines.

Literatu Learning ledger writes the chapters of each student’s learning story. Imagine what you can do differently now?

2 new ready to use apps – ask us how!

Running records data - Lightning fast, Immediate visibility with Instant handover.

Three fabulous schools sat with us to help us understand the whole Running Records story across F&P, Probe and PM Benchmarking.  In return, we built them a complete management system , for Teachers!

Practice Writing Online - For all 3, 5, 7, and 9 Students

A library of writing topics for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 is ready to assign. Benchmark your students with Scribo writing tasks and track improvements moving forwards before that week in May.

all new features are customer driven 

"Power Ledger" - Your data in Your hands

Learning Ledger is now supercharged with new inquiry, sorting and reporting features to help you find student learning stories quicker than ever before.

has never been easier.

Professional Development to support new Apps

We mentioned our PD course release in December 2018. We have released our NAPLAN writing improvement courseware that shows you how to get the most out of Scribo Practice Writing.

Tom takes us through getting the most out of Scribo. If you want access, let us know. 

Ledger Supports Cohort and School House Inquiry

Does your school have Houses or other collections? Do you want to track cohorts within a range of context data for all years of students? We have you covered with the Cohort ledger now available.

Awesome Sentence Analysis in Scribo

Teachers wanted us to identify sentence types in student writing. We added more ‘AI’ muscle to save them time and show Simple, Complex, Compound sentences and Fragments.PS. There is a lot more coming.

Target K-12 teaching with a 'whole-of-student' view

Course 1 is online. It is a general course about data in K-12 schools, what types of data you have and the issues you can face , and conquer, when working with data. If you would like free access for all of your teachers, simply let us know. We will send out invites to your team.

Our PD learning center is live

We know teachers are time poor and face to face PD takes time and planning. That’s why we built our online PD course capability.
You can stay up all night riveted to great courseware or stay up to date in sections over a coffee on the run.
The mission is to give you the time and resourcs you need to see how Literatu can work for you to solve teaching and learning challenges.

We are working on making all courses count towards PD hours.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to get started? Let’s work on your 2019 evolution together!

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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