Assess all students, open self-directed learning - track everything that matters.

Formative assessment is Literatu’s core engine that gives teachers all assessment functionality in one place. Assess across an entire cohort – open self directed learning for students and access incredible data insights that make an impact on learning.
Schools have more data at their fingertips than ever before, so why does individual learning need to remain such a mystery?

The solution begins by bringing all the information together to form a meaningful picture of each student. Technology can manage data and information well so why not let software do what software can? Technology should be helping teachers better assess, measure and personalise student learning, period. Technology now offers different approaches to learning and assessment that are becoming increasingly valid and more capable of engaging a range of students at their level of learning.

We believe that the future of education lies within the premise of the ‘classroom of one’ where student learning and assessment is personalised to meet students every day. In this scenario, individual learning growth drives measurement, data adapts learning and the best schools and teachers are those that enable every student to make the greatest progress in learning, regardless of where they start from…or what device they use. If we can connect to a personalised education future, the conversation about how teaching and learning can be supported with technology becomes exciting and positive.

We have not forgotten the artists, performers, creators, slideshow authors, videographers and pen-and-paper writers.  Everyone knows learning is more than right answers, that real demonstrations of deep learning require authentic performances and comprehensive rubrics. Literatu makes this easy in a number of ways.

First, we’ve built a Paper Grading app that lets you define all aspects of richer tasks. Paper Grading allows you to set up an assessment in minutes and immediately grade student work using your smartphone, tablet or web.

The second aspect that makes it easy to grade is that teachers can use simple marks or brilliant rubrics, enter written or record aural feedback, or even take smartphone photos of student work and attach them to the “grade.”

While all this happens, we collect the same deep data we wrap around any other assessments, and flow it back to our insights.

Across assessment, collation and reporting, Literatu’s core mission is to make visible live formative results data needed to adapt learning and drive personalised outcomes.

Having visibility of detailed learning data is what teachers have strived to access since the invention of blackboards and chalk. Delivering visibility and insights directly to teachers and students lies at the heart of Literatu. Literatu quickly becomes the digital assistant for teachers.

Delivery of adaptive assessment via BYOD is instant, marking and feedback time is significantly reduced, and live assessment monitoring uncovers learning gaps as teaching happens. Student response and learning measurement data is captured at every opportunity and made visible via dashboards and extensive analytic reporting. Further integration with BI platforms extends everyone’s ability to visualise learning stories that are happening right now. Our data visualisations for teachers and students are second to none!

Every school wants to empower students to direct their own learning, knowing that self-motivated students are higher achieving students. Literatu gives al students access to personally adapted assessment activities they can use to quickly promote and extend their own learning. Because they are students – and this is the 21st Century – of course students can access Literatu’s self-directed learning features from any device and even a mobile app.

Students browse through subject and topic lists, creating revision activities from teacher created lists or a random selection of questions available to their teacher.

Working across any device (both online and offline), all activity results are tracked and saved. Students get instant results and feedback. All self-directed revision history is available to students and teachers to monitor.


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