when learning data is easy to use, teachers use it

Literatu makes it easy for educators to use learning data

All educators know that having a unified view of student learning and pastoral data is critical to growing student success.

The challenge for schools is making it easy for teachers to access and use unified data in their context. Bringing all sources of learning and pastoral data into a single, whole-of-student view is the ‘now’ conversation that everyone wants to have.

Schools want access, agility and flexibility from data rather than codified metrics. Put simply, educators want data to find them, in their context and on demand.

Literatu unifies all sources of student learning data into an easy to use context for each leader, teacher and student.

Everyone wants education to be more about changing lives and less about statistics and charts. 

Join with us on your data journey.

The list below shows only some common data sources found across many K-12 schools.

All sources collect various important data points about students, most have a specific format and all have various data dimensions.

Literatu Learning Ledger knows about these data sources and the important data granularity within.

Imagine having a unified view of achievement for any student or cohort across any of these data sources.

*Stand Alone means the data is not intentionally compatible with other data but rather unique in it’s own context.

Data Name Frequency Context and Use
NAPLAN Annual Stand Alone
PAT-M Usually 2 Stand Alone
PAT-C Usually 2 Stand Alone
PAT-R Usually 2 Stand Alone
E-Write Maybe 1 Stand Alone
MYAT Mabe 1 Stand Alone
LMS Systems Daily Stand Alone
SIS Daily Stand Alone
ALLWELL Usually 2 Stand Alone
Social and Emotional Learning Annual Stand Alone
Mathletics Daily Stand Alone
Reading Eggs Daily Stand Alone
Mathspace Daily Stand Alone
Flourishing Annual Stand Alone
Canteen Daily Stand Alone
GRIT Daily Stand Alone
Essential Assessment Daily Stand Alone
Multiple Spreadsheets Daily By Teacher
University Tests bi-annual Stand Alone
Matifiq Daily Stand Alone
Formative Assessment Various Stand Alone
Personality Assessment Various Stand Alone
Teacher Observations Various Stand Alone
…and MORE
Teachers ‘get’ the impact good data has on their teaching and student learning. What teachers don’t get is easy access to student learning data.

Our Customers are excited!

Making data easy to use - it's what we do.
We don’t start IT projects and when it comes to data, you shouldn’t have to either. Data is agile, exciting and data needs to be seen.

Literatu is a “circuit breaker” for Seymour in the ongoing learning analytics journey. Its clever interfaces, intuitive, teacher-friendly dashboards and reports incentivise teachers to engage with student data. Time spent analysing data is now spent on differentiating the instruction in classrooms. Teachers, Heads of Department and school leaders are able to quickly see overall and individual trends in literacy and numeracy, as well as other sources of data from ability tests.


Dan Walker

Vice Principal, Seymour College

?Scribo has been particularly embraced by teachers and students as a powerful tool to help improve their written communication style and effectiveness.

John Montgomery

Director of College Improvement, The Scots College, Sydney

?The strong focus on formative assessment and the ability for their platform to build on AI that we know will underpin information systems????in the very near future. The Literatu team work rapidly and deliver a user interface that is second to none.

Chris Laycock

Director of Information, Services and Learning Design

Building our NAPLAN, Allwell and PAT data into a single, easily accessed and graphically pleasing interface has made bringing data to classroom teacher that much easier and when it’s easy, they use it.

Celeste McNicholas

Leader of eLearning & Information Services,

Literatu has helped to take a range of different sets of data that are often viewed in isolation and bring them together in a way that is both informative and workable. Literatu takes all of the different assessment elements and helps to order and make sense of them so that they can be used to generate further learning specific to the needs of the individual students. It is user friendly and flexible and helps to make clear the links between different sets of data.


Hayley Tuft

Head of English , Macarthur Anglican School

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


We will be in touch - look out for an email from info@literatu.com