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Literatu connects data to instruction helping teachers to be the best learners

Combine learning data

Unify a whole-of-student view across available learning evidence to heighten your impact.

Improve writing

Help students improve English writing skills in less time with more feedback.


Streamline assessment

Differentiate formative evaluation, track skills growth and learn from assessment learning data.


Learning Ledger

Combine Learning Data

Experience a complete unified view into student achievement across multiple sources of learning and pastoral evidence data. 

Ledger unifies all learning and pastoral data from any data source to build a complete and integrated learning trail across time. Its like having a multi-dimensional data wall in one click for any level of inquiry. How many data sources do you have right now? See them right here.

Teachers and learning leaders quickly find learning stories hidden in multiple data points to help refine pedagogy, understand their teaching impact and how they can better help each student.

Scribo Writing

Improve Writing skills

Scribo is the world leader in using AI to help teachers help students to write better. Through AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Scribo fundamentally changes the way teachers use their available time and skills to enhance and extend writing skills in every student.

Sadly, writing skills are still in decline. There are not enough English teachers, all teachers are time poor and the main remedy to improve writing skills is more practice by students and more feedback from teachers. It’s the perfect storm. Scribo helps.

Formative Evalutaion

Streamline assessment

Formative Assessment is a cognitive skill of teachers rather than a software Q&A system you subscribe to. Literatu Formative Evaluation is a powerful tool set to help teachers quickly and simply execute formative assessment in their class. 

Formative Evaluation opens up a host of options for teachers to build, share and deploy formative evaluation questions for pre-testing, post-testing and summative testing on scale.  It’s really not about the technology, it’s all about the data you collect and can analyse.

Our customers are excited!


Literatu is a "circuit breaker" for Seymour in the ongoing learning analytics journey. Its clever interfaces, intuitive, teacher-friendly dashboards and reports incentivise teachers to engage with student data. Time spent analysing data is now spent on differentiating the instruction in classrooms. Teachers, Heads of Department and school leaders are able to quickly see overall and individual trends in literacy and numeracy, as well as other sources of data from ability tests.


Dan Walker

Vice Principal, Seymour College

?Scribo has been particularly embraced by teachers and students as a powerful tool to help improve their written communication style and effectiveness.

John Montgomery

Director of College Improvement, The Scots College, Sydney

?The strong focus on formative assessment and the ability for their platform to build on AI that we know will underpin information systems in the very near future. The Literatu team work rapidly and deliver a user interface that is second to none.

Chris Laycock

Director of Information, Services and Learning Design

Building our NAPLAN, Allwell and PAT data into a single, easily accessed and graphically pleasing interface has made bringing data to classroom teacher that much easier and when it's easy, they use it.

Celeste McNicholas

Leader of eLearning & Information Services,

Literatu has helped to take a range of different sets of data that are often viewed in isolation and bring them together in a way that is both informative and workable. Literatu takes all of the different assessment elements and helps to order and make sense of them so that they can be used to generate further learning specific to the needs of the individual students. It is user friendly and flexible and helps to make clear the links between different sets of data.


Hayley Tuft

Head of English , Macarthur Anglican School

Join the Evolution!

Learning stories impact learning journeys.

The job we do for teachers is to find learning stories hidden in data flows, varied information and evidence sources that surround them every day.

Literatu employs AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) in all of our applications. We make clever use of available computational power that teachers count on to save them time and streamline insights from volumes of data. We are known for our “what we noticed” insights that deliver statements you need to know, rather than charts and graphs you need to figure out.

Working with new and existing data, AI opens a new dimension into time savings and insights. Data you currently spend hours collecting becomes visible in your context, in less time and with more clarity.

AI makes a teacher’s life more informed with more time for feedback. AI reduces the clutter of duplication and discovery and focuses on helping teachers to help students achieve their personal best.

Literatu employs AI in everything we do to help you improve teaching and learning.

Partner with us in your evolution of using data to do your best work.

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Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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