All Year 12 school students have a full library of subject study decks 

The Presto Senior Secondary collection gives you complete curriculum support materials across multiple subjects.  Search the Public Library for Study Decks, open them, copy them to your library and share them with friends. 

The flashcards are made for you to revise complete topics. Use spaced repetition to manage what you know and don’t know. Presto will ask you again on the right time cycle.

Presto creates Flashcards as study decks for you to work through. High ranking YouTube videos are linked to each card so you can watch and learn while you are revising.

Presto manages the topics that you’re not sure about or even those you have no idea about. The important thing is to be honest about your knowledge and keep going. Presto builds a study/revision schedule for you. 

Presto finds the highest rated, most popular YouTube EDU videos and links them for you.

Study Decks are collections of flashcards. We link YouTube EDU videos to help you remember facts, terms, quotes and concepts.  There is a  big selection of subjects with more coming online every day. Use them all for free!
Search in the Public Library for Study Decks. 

Study Decks by Subject, ready to go