Install Pronto

Installation of Ponto is quick and simple, all driven by the Office Add in store and the Google Chrome store.

Install Pronto for Word - Office 365

Install Pronto for Google Docs

Starting Pronto

Pronto works right alongside Word, Word for Office 365 and Google Docs. As soon as you install Pronto, it’s working for you.

There are no extra rules or configurations required, in fact your account in Pronto is linked on installation to your Google or Microsoft account.

Working with Pronto

In ten minutes you will have mastered Pronto. 

Pronto works for you to save time, create feedback and data.

Pronto data - real data stories

Pronto builds data automatically for you from document you open.

Every time Proto opens a document, you grade using a Rubric and add to feedback.

The writing data is shown across two planes of inquiry.

Teachers drill into the levels of data and export it for their own analysis.