Right when you are writing, Scribo gives
you instant guidance and feedback

Writing for multiple subjects is hard and time consuming. Waiting for
feedback is even harder. Scribo feedback and guidance is on-click!.

Scribo simply helps you write better.

Writing in secondary schools for English and humanities subjects is hard. Exploring new ways to write without instant feedback makes it even harder.  Researching, structuring and refining of essays and assessments takes practice and time.  

Good feedback makes your writing stronger. Waiting for feedback can really slow your momentum. 

Scribo gives you a full analysis of your writing in seconds, across 8 levels of important analysis. There is no queue, no appointment needed, just a single click for personalised feedback to help improve your work. Keep moving, keep improving.

Scribo matches the question with your response.

Answer the question

Question Analyser dissects the question

Scribo AI builds out the requirements of the question for students to check their text against. Students can adjust the parameters at any time and re-run the writing check to get new feedback. Important subject keywords, task verbs and limiting words are highlighted.

Any question from any Faculty

Scribo can analyse any question.  All question parameters are used in the analysis and feedback Scribo creates.

One click feedback

Identify writing issues

Scribo analyses text across 8 levels of feedback. Students get a complete analysis of where their writing can be improved. Make changes and re-run the feedback anytime. All feedback is particular to your text. There are no “ones we prepared earlier”.

Read Text back

Immersive Reader interactively reads the text back to students in over 20 languages with translations available. Students will pick up errors they cannot see simply be listening to a verbal recital.

Print feedback report

A comprehensive Feedback Report can be printed and sent to tutors or peers for additional help and comment. We never set out to replace human feedback, but rather to deliver good feedback while you work.

Instant style check

Check the question is answered

Scribo checks the requirements of the question and matches against the student’s text. Multiple writing styles can be checked and adapted.

Check style elements

Rhetorical moves and writing styles are tracked to check essay balance and flow. Have you answered the question? becomes obvious. This feedback is instant.

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