Learning Ledger unifies learning stories across disconnected data silos

Learning Data is in plentiful supply in K-12 schools. As multiple sources of teaching and learning data grow across schools, leaders and teachers know how these data silos fragment and mask important teaching and learning stories.
Learning Ledger builds a unified whole-of-student view across all available data to surface the teaching and learning stories that K-12 leaders and teachers want to read.

literatu makes learning data work for educators


When data met Sally her world changed for the better.

A true story.

Multiple sources of evidence combine into ‘now’ learning stories

Ledger brings all key data sources together.

Schools want to bring the data they have  into a single view. It makes good sense to unify data and makes better sense when all leaders and teachers can access and interact with it.

Schools create volumes of data in school management, cloud and learning systems every day. Across multiple online systems and manual interactions, learning and pastoral data multiplies at an exponential yet disconnected rate.

Rarely is this data unified and made visible to the leaders and teachers who need to see it the most. Ledger fixes this.



NAPLAN Diagnostic data is a strong source of learning insights. Bring 11 years of testing alongside other measures.


LMS systems capture loads of interaction data, rarely seen in support of any other data. Ledger opens up Canvas and other LMS systems including Gradebooks and participation in discussions and blogs


SIS wellness, attendance and student reporting data – comes right into Ledger. Even end of term and year reports.

Special Platforms

Cloud assessment platforms like Mathletics, Essential Assessment and Mathspace collect loads of data – daily! These are just three of the hundreds in use, all collecting data. Bring this data into Ledger quickly and easily.

API Enabled

You can post to Ledger via API. TheAPI is based on industry standards via xAPI. We can also automate file loads on any schedule.


Across a rage of ALLWELL , PAT M-C-R tests, skills and levels are recorded. Two times a year this data can add value to combined diagnostic readings.

School Unique Sources

All of your data sources like Library, Canteen, Gym, Extra Curricula, Excel gradebooks, Teacher grade collections, participation, observations house points – all build a unified view of each student

Pastoral Data

Bring measures of wellness from all sources like Flourishing and GRIT. Our Ledger APP allows teachers to snap instant observations, add a picture and keep moving, all on their phone.

Literatu Assessment

SCRIBO and our Formative Assessment data all flows into Ledger

EXCEL Sources

Use the Ledger > EXCEL loader to load data directly from EXCEL sheets.  We create a Ledger recipe, automate the load or you load the data yourself, any time you like.

Ledger joins the art of teaching with the science of data and evidence


Open up inquiry

Leaders and teachers inquire into class and student learning data across any time span and information source.

On demand view across data sources

Teachers have an on-demand, date driven ledger view into cohort and student learning records, pastoral events, grades and outcomes.

Configure Alerts that matter to you

Teachers and leader build alerts that find and return the data they want, straight to them!  Multiple years of diagnostic data sources including NAPLAN, PAT and ALLWELL are loaded to add to inquiry power.

Profile data across sources

See the relationship between data sources for students and cohorts. Do the top scoring students share attributes across all data sources? What attribute can we look to improve for lower scoring students? Ledger is integrated with Literatu Explorer, Scribo and Formative Assessment

Instant inquiry and analysis for any class or student, or data source or idea or hunch…

Ledger gives teachers and leaders instant visibility into any class or student learning profile with the ability to configure instant data cards.  
Build insights into your data for all teachers to use. It’s as simple as point and click with no programmers involved. Change your mind, experiment with the best insights for your team. Each insight can be created and shared with your peers in under a minute.

Set up alerts and inquiries that matter to you

As soon as learning entries are posted in Learning Ledger, leaders, teachers and students all have immdeiate access.

Ledger’s wizard based rule and alert builder allows teachers and leaders to configure the Ledger engine to look for scenarios, follow hunches and tailor the way they want to see data in their context. This is the really cool capability of Ledger. It engages everyone with their context.

There is no training needed to use Ledger Alerts, you simply click your way through the available data sources and features. All choices offered are the only ones you can make!

Record pastoral / learning observations and events as they happen. It’s live!

All events in each student’s learning journey contribute to their learning destination.

Grab your laptop, iPad or Android device and record every student or class observation moment as it happens. For students, the class or a group, one click and you talk your observation right in.

Ledger App lets teachers and students quickly and consistently record data, observations, self reflections; about anything you like really. Every record is categorised and can include images of course.

Pastoral and wellness data has never been this easy to collect and analyse in a whole-of-student context.

Teachers love it when data finds them. “Stories” builds a narrative of what we found.

When you see the volumes of information in school data sources, it’s good to know that Literatu Ledger is working in the background for you.

Ledger delivers data in summary formats you can read! No more trying to get your head around a chart, Ledger describes the highlights and key findings for you in perfect English, right from your data sources. Data is updated on request so your stories are always current.

No more poking data layers trying to find the ‘take home’ highlights. If you want to know something about your class or student, let Ledger tell the story.

Break the “too hard and too expensive” paradigm

Ledger disrupts the time and cost demands of BI projects and constraints of ‘homegrown’ data initiatives. Our mission is to eliminate all time and cost constraints of managing data to quickly deliver teachers instant access to learning stories. Ledger happily works with your IT and current systems through an open and transparent API data interchange capability.

Ledger breaks the traditional ‘too hard’ and ‘too expensive’ paradigm that wraps around data analysis and access to data. Whilst it’s true that the value to teaching and learning increases with more access to more complete and expansive learning data, it is also true that to date, the cost of consolidation of data sources increases at the same rate. Cost is a factor of time, effort, training and investment in continual tweaks and adjustments in bespoke BI solutions.

Ledger puts AI to work for you, drawing inferences and patterns from the data to show “What we noticed”. You don’t have to go looking in charts to follow your hunch.

Literatu is a “circuit breaker” for Seymour in the ongoing learning analytics journey.

Dan Walker

Vice Principal, Seymour College


How long does it take to get Ledger going? Ledger will be running in your school within 5 days. All Diagnostic data is loaded and populated for you on installation. There is no bespoke needed and no additional licensing of BI products. Ledger is a platform that is ready to go. All we need is your base data.

Can we include our data?

A key advantage of Ledger is in the way data can be included from any source, simply and quickly. Data can be loaded from Excel sheets as well as big systems like Canvas.

How are alerts and inquiries built?

Ledger remembers the format of your data as it’s loaded. Using your data formats and definitions, teachers and leaders have a simple interface to quickly build queeries across any level of data.

Is Diagnostic data included?

Diagnostic data is automatically linked into Ledger from Explorer. Ledger holds an extensive amount of diagnostic data. Literatu loads all of this data for you.

Can data be aggregated at school level?

Yes. Data can be looked into or aggregated at any level. As data is loaded, meta tags are applied at several levels, allowing data roll ups and downs across all tags.

How many data sources does Ledger support?

Every day is a new data source at Literatu. We have recipe definitions for over 15 data sources including SIS systems and Canvas LMS. We can work with nearly any type of data in Excel format. We are reaching out to all suppliers who collect data for Schools to facilitate an open data collective.

Does Ledger find interesting data automatically?

Yes. Ledger has a unique ability to look across data sources to build ” what we noticed”. AI drives the inquiry and is getting smarter and smarter every week.

Ready to get started?