Literatu helps all students and educators
advance learning.

Literatu AI transforms education in three clever ways.

Improve English writing skills with Scribo

Hack study preparation with Presto

Track learning with Ledger

Adapt and advance learning with Formative Assessment

I'm a student wanting quick feedback

I'm a teacher wanting to save time

Improving your English writing skills is now a fun thing to do.

Scribo is your personal writing tutor, working 24 / 7 for you. In one click Scribo works out where and how you can improve your writing. With this personalised feedback to guide you, improving your English writing skills is no longer so lonely. Try out Version 3!

Just a few comments...

  • Lighter, brighter and so easy to use. The feedback is very clear.

  • Feedback just for me is very cool. The feedback hits right into what to do next. I love the new feedback flow.

  • The sentence roadmap is a quick way to read down your text and see what jumps out.

  • I love the sentence right click. It  has great choices, including a sentence re-write!  I love that!

  • Scribo 3.0 is so friendly to use. You have done a great job.

  • The new version and history feature is really quite amazing. You have really made this powerful.

—-  Scientific Fact  —-

Did you know your left brain  (known as your digital brain), is the verbal, analytical, and orderly side? Your right brain is responsible for intuition and creative thinking. 

To write well, you need to get  both sides working together.