What's New in Learning Ledger ? - Some call it Power Ledger!

To have a Dynamic Ability To Affect learning , Teachers need:

  • not to become data scientists
  • a single supply of all available data on their students and classes
  • to mix and match inquiry across data sources
  • to quickly build inquiries and filters, to look around their data, validate progress in a class, and..
  • more time to think
Welcome to Power Ledger

Stories are automatically created on demand.

If you want to see what the learning story is without getting into charts, click the Stories tab in Class Ledger. Stories are auto generated for PAT, ALLWELL and NAPLAN results. Stories read into the data to produce a nice, human readable text about what is happening between two sets of data points. To use Stories, you need at least two sequences of NAPLAN and PAT data. Stories also works with Scribo and needless to say, we will be crafting more Stories with our new capability.

We got asked for a handover story !

We are looking at this and what we can do. Every year, students advance a year with new teachers, classes and a history of the current year. When Ledger has data across multiple metrics, we could write your teachers a hand over story. More coming on this one!!

What about other data in the ledger you ask?

If you have data sources that you want stories to work with,  you need to have at least two series of results so the story engine can make a comparison of progress.  Let us know about the data sources you would like to create stories for. We can make these computers work even harder for you.

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


We will be in touch - look out for an email from info@literatu.com