Student Dashboards- tailored to the data

As more and more data is collected about Students over time , it becomes harder to actually see where you need to focus on. Student dashboards do the heavy lifting on your data – surfacing what you need to know from multiple data sources that lie below. You get to choose the dashboard cards that you put on the screen. These cards can be seen by students and parents.

  • What are the big issues for this student that matter ?
  • Summarise the main events per source of data?
Choose your Interest
You choose what cards you want to see. You might not want to see NAPLAN results.
Insights cover detail
More than just good looking, the detail on the insight cards is exactly what you want to know.
Insights for Students
Don’t keep all this to yourself. Let Students see their Insights also, Parents as well if you want. You set what they see.
What it means for you

Decide who sees what.

You decide what Insights you want your students, and Parents to see, if at all. Each data source has cards that highlight the metrics teachers want everyone to see. As data new sources are added, we work with teachers to make sure the summary info is the best it can be. Then we share the cards with others that have the same data source. It’s collegiate and it is great for everyone.

The cards are live!

Some cards actually span multiple insights. The NAPLAN cards will page between the domains, changing the data displayed. This is shown in the Video.

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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