When you see something you want to record - make an Observation

Ever had that email from a colleague asking if you have noticed anything in particular about Student X? Chasing observations that are not attendance or negative behaviour based is just something more to do.

Giving teachers the capacity to record a quick observation, about any student, at the speed of thought is what we got asked for. As usual, we delivered.

“I just watched Sally really think here way out of a big problem”, “Justin showed extra motivation” the list of what could be contributed goes on. The challenge teachers face is that these observations wash over them as quickly as they are observed.

We built a really fast and simple observations app that records whatever you want to say – with a picture if you want. It bundles the event and updates the record on the student ledger. Once there, it is locked in for all teachers to see.

What it means for you
  • Add

Centralise Observations and stop chasing information

  • You decide on the categories you want to use
  • Use your laptop, ipad or phone, to record observations
  • Share all observations with colleagues
  • View all entries on the Student Ledger 
  • Search across all students by categories

One place to record any casual or important obervation

All observations are important. Having the time to quickly record and event is the hard part. The Observations app makes things quicker for you.

Give up the email alerts and chasing paper trails

Sharing information really does help all teachers. When everyone can access the information, that sounds like success!

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


We will be in touch - look out for an email from info@literatu.com