When schools use Learning Ledger, Teachers smile again

Ledger is the perfect data companion for every K-12 teacher. Teachers see across their classes and students, in as much or little detail as they need, whenever they want.

Power users see across cohorts, years and houses at any time.

The best part of Ledger is that all teachers access the learning stories of their class and students, in seconds.

ledger is all about supporting growth in teaching and learning

We don’t trouble people with lots of charts and complex analytics but we can work with those people.


Powerful diagnostic data can support a learning story. Ledger gives teachers full access to the linage of data for each student.


We believe pastoral data holds the key to student learning stories. We integrate pastoral and learning data side by side.


Teachers access learning stories of a class and student through any lens they choose. They filter and search data quickly, looking  across multiple sources and insights.


Schools don’t need a data analyst to capture and blend data. Ledger looks after the data piece while teachers focus on teaching and learning stoires.


How long does it take to get Ledger going? Ledger will be running in your school within 5 days. All Diagnostic data is loaded and populated for you on installation. There is no bespoke needed and no additional licensing of BI products. Ledger is a platform that is ready to go. All we need is your base data.

Can we include our data?

A key advantage of Ledger is in the way data can be included from any source, simply and quickly. Data can be loaded from Excel sheets as well as big systems like Canvas.

How are alerts and inquiries built?

Ledger remembers the format of your data as it’s loaded. Using your data formats and definitions, teachers and leaders have a simple interface to quickly build queeries across any level of data.

Is Diagnostic data included?

Diagnostic data is automatically linked into Ledger from Explorer. Ledger holds an extensive amount of diagnostic data. Literatu loads all of this data for you.

Can data be aggregated at school level?

Yes. Data can be looked into or aggregated at any level. As data is loaded, meta tags are applied at several levels, allowing data roll ups and downs across all tags.

How many data sources does Ledger support?

Every day is a new data source at Literatu. We have recipe definitions for over 15 data sources including SIS systems and Canvas LMS. We can work with nearly any type of data in Excel format. We are reaching out to all suppliers who collect data for Schools to facilitate an open data collective.

Does Ledger find interesting data automatically?

Yes. Ledger has a unique ability to look across data sources to build ” what we noticed”. AI drives the inquiry and is getting smarter and smarter every week.

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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