Let students practice writing online. Scaffolds guide their writing, marking rubrics and instant data guide your teaching.

Scribo lets teachers quickly assign writing tasks to help get students ready for online diagnostic testing. Thinking through a keyboard is a whole new challenge everyone must conquer.


Engage students, collect valuable data and identify where student  writing skills need attention.

The art of writing now requires students to multi-task – thinking whilst using a keyboard.

Scaffolds online

A blank screen can be as daunting as a blank piece of paper when asking students to write. Scaffolds get writing underway and keep it on track

Grading Rubrics

When it’s time to review student work, teachers use grading rubrics consistent with the way Diagnostic testing is graded.

Instant baseline Data

All texts and teacher feedback is recorded. Scribo builds an immediate baseline around where students need to improve their skills

Practice more often

To improving writing skills, students need to practice. Feedback needs more teacher time.  Scribo dramatically reduces feedback time.

How to get started

You became a teacher to make a sustainable impact on learning.

When your teaching and learning goals are supported, your impact is optimised every day, you save time and your focus touches each student's need.

What support do you need to make that impact?

Literatu partners with you to collect, manage and deliver the data you need, to make the impact you know you can, in three ways.


Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


We will be in touch - look out for an email from info@literatu.com