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Skip highlighting and writing out study notes.
Presto AI helps you work faster, and study smarter.

How it works

Build study resources, quickly

Presto AI saves you so much time , you will smile all day

Step 1

Build a Presto by loading or pasting some text.

Study notes, quizzes and flashcards are time consuming and hard to create and manage. 

Load or paste your content and let us create a complete set of resources for you. We call the package a Presto.

Presto also creates smart flashcards from Excel. Take a look!

Step 2

Summarised notes, auto-answer quizzes, flashcards and linked videos.. all in seconds

Your Presto is ready in seconds with linked study notes, quizzes, flashcards and linked videos we organised for you from YouTube EDU.

Test yourself, share with friends and colleagues. If you are a teacher, send it to the class and live monitor the results.

Create super smart flashcards in seconds

Presto integrates images, YouTube EDU videos and more

Study Decks just got smarter

Build smart flashcards quickly with text or talk, images and video

Building study resources  has never ben easier. On any device, catch what you need to know on your card, front and back. 

Add images, extra information, if you want and you are ready to revise.

Don’t forget to share with your friends in one click.

Your revision schedule is maintained for you 

Presto integrates spaced repetition for revision so all you need to find is some time

Step 3

Your revision schedule is live and managed

Don’t worry about grading your answers, we do that and get Spaced Repetition working for you.

Presto keeps track of what you should revise, managing your revision schedule for you. Link your schedule to your Calendar to close the loop.

Spaced Repetition is a huge benefit for my students who need help with study and revision plans. Presto schedules the activities I create into an organised and personalised revision cycle for each student. I was forever thinking "how can I help students revise and study?" Now I use Presto and they help themselves.
Jack Resdwa
Biology Teacher

Pronto creates notes and quizzes from my content, in seconds! Anything my students don't understand in class, becomes an automatic personal revision plan for each student. We do love our Presto moments!

Debbi Kindle

For Teachers and tutors

  • Engage students with content and quizzes, in seconds
  • Use content sources you know and trust
  • Live monitor and track learning across any device

For Students and Parents

  • Create instant study notes and revision questions
  • Share study notes, study decks, collaborate with friends
  • Have your study revision plan managed for you

Presto AI works for you!

Struggling with time management, big work loads, and the volume of reading you need to do? If you answer YES to any of these questions, Presto will instantly help you.

  • Multiple subjects?
  • Short of time?
  • Lots of reading to do?
  • Flat out making study notes to catch the big points?
  • Wondering if you are ready for a test or assessment?

Power up interactive assessments in seconds

Presto reads any English text that you supply. The text can be about Mars or Spain, Politics or Religion, Presto doesn’t care. Presto uses AI to make assessment smarter.

It's never been easier

You know the materials you like to use, so use them. You know what type of questions you want to ask, so ask them! Presto makes it so easy and fast to drive assessment your way.