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  • create study materials from any text, Docx, PDF or Google Doc 
  • construct quizzes that auto-grade your content knowledge 
  • curate study notes and flashcards you can activate anywhere
  • connect your revision and study schedule with spaced repetition
  • collaborate with friends and colleagues through social sharing 
Spaced Repetition is a huge benefit for my students who need help with study revision plans. Presto schedules the activities I create into an organised and personalised revision cycle for each student. I was forever thinking "how can I help students revise and study?" Now I use Presto and they help themselves.
Jack Resdwa
Biology Teacher

Pronto creates notes and quizzes from my content, in seconds! Anything my students don't understand in class, becomes an automatic personal revision plan for each student. We do love our Presto moments!

Debbi Kindle

Your content - your delivery

Your favorite content transforms into online assessment and study resources in seconds

Share Prestos - work together

No more working alone with a highlighter pen. Share resources with friends and colleagues

Instant flashcards for revision

Create instant flashcards to support your study and revision

Automatic Spaced Repetition

Be reminded automatically about revising topics you need to do more work on

Presto helps students study smarter

Teachers and students create auto-marking quizzes complete with study notes and flashcards from any digital source text in seconds. Spaced Repetition takes over and sets students up for success.

Everyone shares materials and learns together.

We call it Presto – because it all happens in seconds.

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