FAST START with Scribo Personal Use 

Students from any level of learning can register with Scribo into a Primary, Secondary

or Tertiary environment. All data is secure and accessed only by you.


** Schools and Universities benefit from a bulk pricing model – ask us to tailor Scribo for you!

What you get when you join Scribo in personal use mode

Scribo personal use opens up all of what Scribo does, to you in a personal connection. The writing checks that you buy are reduced when you choose to do a writing check. The reduction is one check per click.

 There are no complications with Scribo. You buy writing checks, use them any time you like and then buy some more. Writing checks never expire until you use them all. If you want more, buy some.


How does the free trial work?

You have access to the fully functional Scribo platform. Follow the Scribo Tour and learn how simple it is to create a Scribo writing check. Create a question you are working on and enter your response. To get the best result, enter something you are working on and see what we suggest.

How often do you release new content?

ALL THE TIME. Our feedback is learning all the time so the feedback gets better and better. You will notice the feedback learning more about you and how you write. Don’t forget to use the SCRIBO help that is embedded all the way through Scribo. Great resources and advice are on tap!

What age groups do you support?

tScribo works for all ages. Primary, secondary and Tertiary students can all enjoy Scribo. Feedback is tailored to your level and type of writing. Scribo works for everyone.

Do you support Google / O365?

Yes, you can load O365 or Google Docs into Scribo or simply use copy and paste. Google has an Add in, O365 will have one soon. If you use the Google Add In, you must register with your Google account, same with O365.

Can I get a school / faculty / university community?

Yes you can. The MOST economical way to purchase Scribo is when you are getting a license for all students or a number of students. Any group of students no matter how they are joined together, can set up  a private ‘community’ in which all members reside. Tutors, teachers and leaders can connect into Scribo to grade, give feedback and run analysis. Scribo is a very complete and connected environment that can capably manage the various roles students and teachers have. If you want a private school / college / university community, contact us. E:

Can I get a teacher account for my class?

Yes you can but you can’t buy a license online so please give us a call or drop an email. The pricing for teachers per class of 30 students starts at $10 per student per year. School pricing is very cost effective and the most economical way to purchase Scribo. Drop us an email : E:

Can I cancel at any time?

You don’t have to. When you use your credits up, there is no more to do.

Ready to get started?

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