Make learning to write fun again
Scriblet helps to get young writers – writing


Scriblet is made for K-6 emerging writers.  An avatar buddy accompanies students with prompts, plans, and scaffolds to build their writing confidence

Support writing skills development

Teachers save time

Differentiate a writing context for every student

Avatar buddies help students find mistakes and suggest how to fix them. Their buddy explains the problem and helps students make corrections.

Teachers turn Scriblet support on or off in test or teach mode. Scriblet takes away the simple correction time that can consume teachers.

With students in remote learning mode, teachers monitor live student progress as students write online. Teachers deliver feedback to students as they write. 

YES! Scriblet works with Google Classroom and Teams. Scriblet also collates data from student writing so teachers can see where more teaching is needed.

Get students ‘cold writing’ in Scriblet with NO spelling and grammar support from Google or Word. See how writing skills really look and where your teaching time needs to be spent.

Scriblet streamlines planning, writing, feedback and grading.

Scriblet supports writing plans, encouraging students to plan what they are going to write. The plan stays on screen as they write!

Students get personalised feedback in seconds from Scriblet across 8 levels of checking. All feedback can be audio played and is age appropriate.

Scriblet delivers a writing scaffold and interactive writing prompt. Images, checklists, videos and external links can all be built into a writing journey or quest.

 “Scribo takes more off teachers than it asks them to give “ Kelly Bauer 🙂

Getting started is easy!
Let Scribo add writing and feedback resources into your School, College or Campus in 2020 and beyond.