Pronto makes grading and feedback, fast and simple

Communicate feedback quickly, build evidence every time you open Pronto


Power up Pronto writing checks in seconds

Pronto instantly fits into every teacher’s grading and feedback context in either Microsoft Word or Google docs. One side panel opens and you have everything at your fingertips.

Pronto works alongside every teacher and student to improve the writing feedback loop.


Install Pronto

Go to the Chrome store or the Microsoft Add-in store from within Microsoft and download Pronto into Chrome or Word.

Open a document

Open Pronto for a complete document analysis. One click is all it takes.

Get great feedback to students

Pronto packages your feedback and grading rubric scores into an image that students can’t alter, and puts it into the document.

You can even email the feedback report to students as a PDF or send it to Teams as a private chat.

Data insights in a click

Instant writing data is ready for analysis in one click.

Track movement of key elements over time, for any Year, Student and date range.

You work hard at teaching. Pronto gives you evidence to help target teaching and personalise help for each student.