Growing writing skills needs focus and time.
Scribo helps you find more of both.


Scribo is a powerful digital assistant for students and teachers to improve writing. Our mission is to help grow writing skills, save teachers many hours and let data inform teaching and learning.

Across your 8 types of writers, Scribo saves you time by helping to personalise help and guidance for each student.

Good writing develops through a connection of instruction and feedback. Good writing needs more than a grade and that’s why it takes time to grow writing skills.

Students want more feedback about how to improve the quality of their work, and they want it faster. Teachers want students to have more ownership in their writing.

Improving student writing skills is a challenge for every English and Humanities teacher. Scribo builds a connection for teachers and students to grow writing skills across all subjects.

Teachers need more time.  Scribo reduces grading and feedback time and builds data to inform teaching.

Scribo streamlines writing, grading, feedback and planning.

Scribo reduces teacher workloads by integrating with Google Docs, O365 and other major platforms. Integration improves access and reduces technology friction.

Scribo Style Analyser locates writing styles. Question Analyser helps students understand question requirements building keywords, limiting and task words. Support for subject word lists is awesome!

Students check their writing in seconds  across 8 levels of analysis. Scribo supports students 24 / 7 to deliver personalised feedback, especially the night before work is due.

Scribo breaks the back of drafting – hand in – hand back. Everything is live, marking is fluent, rubrics are a communication tool, feedback simply flows.

 “Scribo takes more off teachers than it asks them to do “ Kelly Bauer 🙂

Getting started is easy!
Let Scribo add writing and feedback resources into your School, College or Campus in 2020 and beyond.