build STRONGER ENGLISH writing skills in K–12 schoolS

WHAT people are saying


Developing English writing skills is a really tough job for three main reasons. 

  1. To improve writing, students need to write more. Finding the time to structure and guide long-form writing doesn’t always fit into the curriculum and plan.
  2.  Students need feedback and guidance to improve their writing. That feedback comes from teachers, and that takes up to 20 hours a week of grading.
  3. Teachers never have more time. 86% say a lack of time is their biggest issue.

Scribo addresses these problems, saving everyone time and building stronger writing outcomes.

How scribo helps

We consistently get great feedback from teachers and students.

  1. Scribo creates a writing connection between students and teachers, co-ordinating instructional guidance, instant feedback and grading of student work.
  2. Teachers save up to 20 hours a week through Scribo creating personalised feedback and scores for students.
  3. Students take a higher level of ownership in their writing, able to progress at their own pace.
  4. Teachers have data showing over time where their instruction will make the biggest impact.