Scribo Paper helps record and grade all types of non digital (paper) assessment

Scribo was released to help teachers help students to write better. However, not every document comes to teachers in an electronic format.

Scribo Paper is a flexible app, able to run on phones, tablets, ChromeBooks and and laptops.

Best of all, Scribo Paper records all work and grading straight into the Ledger.

Great Features in Scribo Paper
  • Capture the work with your camera. Point and shoot what it is you want to snap. Multiple pages supported. It could be a picture of anything.
  • Add a rubric, use our rating system or both. Catching feedback and grading is 90% of the what goes missing with paper.
  • Allocate a simple percentage as a score if you want.
  • Students submit images of their work for you. You open and start the feedback.
  • Draw feedback directly onto the screen using your finger, pen or stylus.
  • Type your feedback or talk your feedback (talk if you use a phone or tablet)
What it means for you

Any work your students do - can be captured.

All work, not just digital work, can be captured quickly and easily just by using your camera on any device you have access to.

Where is the work visible?

Everything captured in Scribo Paper is available in the Scribo. You don’t even need to use your phone or tablet to use Scribo Paper, you can run the whole application inside Literatu.

Can Students use Scribo Paper

Yes they can. Students can hand in thier work through Scribo Paper. Teachers can get to grading right away. All comments and feedback are cpatured and sent back to students. No more missing feedback! Digital Portfolio is on line.

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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