Writing Skills Assessment

A Scribo Writing Skills Assessment is data rich, fast & accurate and affordable for every K-12 school to test and measure writing skills

Ever thought you’d miss big writing assessments? 

COVID-19 has left a gap in our diagnostic testing, and it’s being noticed.

Through COVID-19 we have lost sight of the impact learning disruption has had on students, especially when it comes to  writing skills.

Efficient diagnostic testing is more important now than ever before

  • The Scribo Writing Skills Assessment is an online, AI-backed low-stakes writing skills diagnostic assessment
  • Schools get high-value, instant information about their students’ writing skills
  • All reporting is instant with online dashboards
  • Results export to Excel in one click

Open a data driven view into writing

The writing skills assessment delivers NAPLAN-style rubric results with equivalent band and scaled scores. 

Join up results from last year and keep moving.

Detailed data is also captured about spelling, grammar, punctuation, cohesive use, passive voice, sentence types and vocabulary range.

Automatic grading is powered by a self-learning neural network built on Google’s own natural language AI.

This lets us consistently deliver accurate results within seconds of a student submitting their response online.

Curious about our AI?

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