Prestos cover the big four STEM subjects

Presto consumes the text

Study Notes all made

Interactive Quiz created

Flashcards made

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The Presto STEM collection gives you a vast number of assessment questions and resources across the BIG 4 topics. Search the Public Library for access to these Prestos.

Our STEM Prestos are made for you. The content is crisp and to the point. They are suitable for GCSE students doing Cambridge O and A levels as well as senior Year 11 and 12 students in High School.

Presto creates study notes for each text you load in Presto. It’s automatic! You can add and edit study notes by clicking on the sentence you want to include in notes.

The questions created by Presto are ready for you to check your form. Presto auto-corrects all questions for you.

Presto creates Flashcards from the content, which you can also add to.

Presto finds the highest rated, most popular YouTube EDU videos and links them for you.

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