Scribo Student delivers feedback for everyone

Scribo Student mode works with students directly, even if their teacher doesn’t use Scribo! We call it Scribo SOLO.

It doesn’t matter if you are writing a high school history essay or a university science paper on tuberculosis, Scribo fully analyses your text and prepares personalised feedback.  All feedback is available in multiple languages in a click.

Scribo Student is perfect for any student wanting feedback – on any text response, at any level of study.


Scribo for mobile delivers an instant writing assessment

Give Scribo your question and response

Profile your writing task

Enter your writing prompt or question into Scribo.

Scribo dissects the key elements of the question to help build the right feedback response.  Scribo looks at Keywords of the question to make sure you are on track and answer the question.

You don’t get marks for not answering the questions, even if your grammar and spelling are great!

Run a writing check when you want one

Enter your text and click Writing Check. Scribo builds personalised feedback across 10 levels of writing analysis, in seconds. Uniquely, Scribo breaks your feedback down paragraph by paragraph.

Make a change, correct an error and run another check. Scribo is your writing mentor any time you want help. 

Scribo doesn’t nag you as you type. Scribo waits until you are ready for feedback that you can really do something with.

Absorb the feedback in any language

Scribo translates feedback on the fly – great if you have an ESL background. 

Scribo makes feedback more familiar to you, after all feedback is the only thing that will help you improve your writing. You can spell-check all day – alas that won’t make you a better writer.