Scribo Student delivers feedback for everyone

Scribo Student mode works with students directly, even if their teacher does not use Scribo!

It doesn’t matter if you are writing a high school History essay or a university science paper on tuberculosis, Scribo helps you with 10 levels of writing analysis. The feedback is comprehensive and delivered in multiple languages if you are an ESL student.

Scribo Student is perfect for any student to ask Scribo for feedback – on any question, at any level of study.


Give Scribo your question and response

Wait for no-one, a writing check is quick

Profile your question or task

Tell Scribo what your writing prompt or question is. Many students miss key elements of the question. Scribo AI minimises this risk. Once we have the question, we know what the expectation is.

Run a writing check

Enter your text and click Writing Check. Scribo runs a series of writing checks and delivers a complete feedback analysis across 10 levels of analysis, all in seconds.

Make a change, run a check. Scribo is your writing mentor when you want support for your writing.

Zero latency and personalised feedback. Make a change, see the impact immediately.

Absorb the feedback in any language

Scribo can translate feedback – great if you are from an ESL background.

Feedback is given across 10 levels of analysis with online help and guidance to give you more background and help.