Students lead their own writing initiative - Case Study

St Joseph’s Catholic High School  – Albion Park NSW

Once committed to implementing Literatu’s Scribo at St Joseph’s Catholic High School, Principal Amanda Wilson had a great idea. Why not get a team of students to act as resident experts? They could serve as in-class resources for peers and teachers as well as take on a new real-world role: focus group members to a software company (that’s us!).

Scribo School is a powerful text improvement and analysis platform helping K-12 humanities teachers and students improve English writing skills simply by knowing who needs what help. The platform joins teachers and students across the school in a closed loop of feedback, insights, analytics and opportunities to grow writing skills.

Students access consistent feedback and guidance, teachers scale their capabilities past the reach of the classroom and current time constraints. Scribo Student and Scribo Connect join forces when teachers are ready to maximise a powerful single suite.

Driven by AI and machine learning, Scribo’s core mission is to support teachers, certainly not replace them. Hawking was right to refer to Artificial Intelligence as Assistive Intelligence because that is where we are at right now. AI however is capable of repeating structured and unstructured tasks at elevated levels of accuracy, tirelessly.

Scribo Connect is the artificial intelligence learning engine that imports and analyses all genres of student texts. Before teachers even start reviewing student drafts and submissions, Scribo has read every word. Integrated with O365 and Google, Scribo connect requires no additional work from teachers to start the analysis.

Scribo Connect:

  • builds comprehensive analyses from all student texts
  • blends data and discoveries into live insights for the class and individual students
  • suggests where to improve student writing across six insight categories
  • allows teachers to grade, compare, summarise and deliver direct fast feedback online
  • creates a range of writing analytics, built from a full analysis of student text submissions
  • auto sends feedback reports to students
  • tracks growth and opportunities for improvement across levels of writing
  • rolls up data from student, class, subject and year levels for consolidated discussions, teaching and resource planning.

Scribo quickly becomes every teachers’ assistant, helping to reduce grading time, optimise feedback and track improvement across student writing skills. Scribo Connect can be run as standalone resource for teachers.

Scribo Student is a school wide resource giving students access to a comprehensive writing check across any extended text response. Linked to powerful AI services, student feedback is instant and accurate.

Scribo Student runs an on-demand seven point writing check, reporting writing issues and concerns across:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Passive voice
  • Vocabulary
  • Readability
  • Sentence structure
  • Cohesive use

Students make corrections in situ, access context-aware online help and writing tips. Every time students activate the Writing Check, diagnostic data is gathered. Teachers and students have immediate access to detailed metrics on where students need the most help and where Scribo is supporting students with feedback.

Teachers have access the same student analysis tools, able to replicate writing checks on student work to gain further insights into the same identified opportunities for improvement. Scribo Student can be a standalone resource for the entire school, offered exclusively to students as an additional, school sponsored resource.

Scribo is highly functional and simply beautiful to work with

Stunning infographics coupled with instant interactive display panels of findings for classroom use.

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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