Teachers deliver the whole operating model

Teachers are the most critical of all school resources and yet the most time poor. Whilst their time is best spent in teaching and mentoring  many teachers work over 10 hours a week in overtime just keeping up with workloads, data input and duplication in information SILOS.

Literatu saves teachers grading and feedback time by giving students real-time feedback. Literatu also opens up a whole-of-student view into learning to help target teaching and build individualised approaches to unique student learning needs.

One view of a student, a class , a chort or a school... in one place. Who doesn't want that?

Spend the hours in your day, teaching


Teachers often  work 10 hours or more overtime a week on the wrong work! Something is wrong. Very few teachers can maximise their time teaching, most are running to keep up with admin.

Literatu saves time in every teacher’s day in two critical ways.

1. Data that is normally never seen as a whole-of-student view, is now visible for every teacher, for every student. No more searching for information about students in your class, one click and you have the complete learning and pastoral history you need.

2. Literatu Scribo dramatically reduces the time English and Humanities teachers need for feedback and grading. Scribo implements real-time student feedback to take the weight of feedback and grading off teachers.


Break SILO and SOLO thinking

Schools are full of data SILOS preventing teachers from achieving their maximum impact on student learning.  Literatu brings all student data together in a powerful single view across each classl, breaking the data SILO mindset and the need to maintain teacher SOLO systems.

Enable real-time feedback

Teachers save time grading whilst expanding the delivery of quality student feedback. Scribo helps students and teachers across all humanities subjects. Rich improvement and learning growth data is captured at every step.

Deploy across-school assessment

Collecting across-class assessment data is as simple as deploying a summative online test across the class. Data rich insights are collected on every mouse click. There is no longer any need for expensive external assessment tests of libraries of expensive formative multiple-choice questions.

Special Platforms

Cloud assessment platforms like Mathletics, Essential Assessment and Mathspace collect loads of data – daily! These are just three of the hundreds in use, all collecting data in disconnected Silos. Bring this learning data into view quickly and easily.

Target Writing Skills

Working with our proven writing improvement approach, the Scribo Way, teachers engage students with a capability to self-improve writing skills. Teachers lift writing standards across all levels of students across any writing centric subject with great results happening within one month.

Combine all DATA SILOs

All of the school data SILOS like Library, Pastoral, Extra Curricula, Excel gradebooks, Teacher grade collections, participation, observations and house points – all combine to deliver a unified view of each student. In one or two clicks, teachers find insights.

Pastoral Data

Bring measures of wellness from all sources like Flourishing and GRIT. Our Ledger APP allows teachers to snap instant observations, add a picture and keep moving, all on their phone.

Look into your data - your way

Teachers can quickly design dashboard metrics they want to see. In seconds, teachers are in the game with data to support their hunch! Watch the video.

The Real Power in this software..

” though, comes from the ability to give collective feedback. Once students write their responses, the system then analyses and gives feedback for the collective, and for the individual.”

Kelly Bauer

Learning Coach School of Leadership

St Luke’s Catholic College Diocese of Parramatta

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Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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