Supporting university students with instant writing feedback and guidance, is good for everyone.   

The reasons why many students lack academic literacy skills are complex.
Providing a 24 / 7 online AI platform to improve writing skills is simple.

Scribo joins everyone in an AI – human collaboration.

Many new students face a transition when they start University. Starting without the requisite experience in academic writing means they need to lift their proficiency quickly. Universities often provide human capital to help students build stronger skills. Scribo supports writing improvement online and at scale alongside existing resources and / or with students directly.

Improving academic level writing skills takes time, practice and feedback. The more students write, the more feedback they need and want. When feedback relies solely on people, the response loop naturally slows along with student learning and motivation.

Scribo gives students a full analysis of student writing in seconds, across 8 levels of important analysis. There is no queue, no waiting, no appointment to make, just a single click to access personalised feedback to improve academic writing skills

Check questions

Analyse the question

Scribo AI identifies the requirements of the question for students to check their text against. Students adjust the parameters at any time, re-run a writing check and get updated feedback. Important subject keywords, task verbs and limiting words are highlighted.

Any question / any Faculty

Scribo analyses every question to discover if indeed the question has been answered. All question parameters are used in the analysis Scribo creates.

Instant feedback

Identify writing issues

Scribo analyses text to give 8 levels of feedback. Students get a complete analysis of where their writing can be improved. Students make changes and re-run the feedback anytime. All feedback is particular to the text and student.

Read Text back

Immersive Reader interactively reads the text back to students in over 20 languages with translations available. Students listen to errors they cannot see.

Print feedback report

A comprehensive Feedback Report can be printed and sent to tutors or peers for comment. 

Style check

Check your answer

Scribo checks the requirements of the question and matches against the student’s text. Multiple writing styles are checked and adapted. Identify any style in one click.

Check style elements

Rhetorical moves and writing styles are tracked to check essay balance and flow. Have you answered the question? becomes obvious. The feedback is instant.

Tutor Connect

Tutors connect with students live

Scribo extends visibility to Tutors. Tutors connect live to student texts to give feedback on work in progress. All feedback is tracked, all marking rubrics are supported and data informs tutors where students need help.

Writing styles become apparent

Being familiar with student writing levels during the semester helps tutors identify no-original major works. Writing styles rarely improve dramatically. 

Getting started is easy!

Let Scribo add writing and feedback resources into your School, College or Campus in 2020 and beyond.