Scribo AI helps improve student writing skills

 Scribo (screeboh /singular noun)  1: an instant AI writing feedback assistant for students. 2: live  insights into writing saving educators hours of time. 3: big data to guide writing improvement.

There are 8 types of writers in every cohort, each needing personalised guidance and feedback. Scribo connects with and supports each one.

Improving student writing skills takes more time than educators have

Educators need time to personalise student instruction. Scribo reduces the time educators spend now.

Students want instant guidance and feedback on their work.  Scribo delivers this instantly.

Educators want students to have more ownership in their writing. Scribo lets this happen.

Educators need data to guide and grow writing skills. Scribo builds and manages the data you need.

Scribo AI connects guidance, feedback, students and educators

Scribo connects educators to live student and cohort writing. Mentor students as they work.

Scribo integrates with Google Docs, O365 and other major platforms to minimise duplication.

Instant feedback is targeted at what students need to do and what educators need to know.

Educators have data to see where to target teaching. 

Scribo is a 24x7 digital writing assistant for students and educators. 


Getting started is easy!

Let Scribo augment writing and feedback resources with your School, College or Campus in 2020 and beyond.