Pronto transforms Google Docs into a writing improvement platform, for everyone.  

Reduce teacher workloads, lift student agency in writing

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Instant feedback for students, fast data insights for teachers

Pronto is a Google extension to help teachers :

  • auto-create student feedback and guidance in Google docs  
  • reduce feedback and grading workloads 
  • see into writing skills with data to help guide teaching 

The most exciting news is that no-one leaves Google docs, no-one needs training and Pronto starts working as soon as it is installed.


Pronto 'deep reads' every text

Pronto scans each document finding opportunities for improvement, with an explanation for each one.

All feedback is 'smart-tagged' into the Google comment system, pending teacher approval. One click and it's ready for students.

Pronto classifies each suggestion and correction into reporting categories, helping you with insights, and helping students to focus on addressing one issue type at a time.


Target the feedback that means the most to students

Pronto lets you prioritize the feedback you want students to focus on. Precise feedback builds skills; too much feedback is always too much.

Select the categories of feedback across genre, subject and grade levels or let Pronto suggest. You have full control. Categories span all types of feedback from strength of argument, to vocabulary choices, to subject specific nuances.


Link and assess standards 

Align the writing activity to any US or Australian state standard. We are actively adding more countries.

Pronto builds measurement metrics from your linked standards, grading student achievement against them. 

Pronto then builds visible data across your class, tracking progress against standards to help target student achievement gaps.


Measure progress, target remediation and teaching

Pronto smart #tags track the type and volume of feedback given.

Data is aggregated against these smart-tags and available for analysis at any time.

This categorization of correction suggestions helps teachers identify trends and track growth.