Writing builds writing skills 
Scribo helps improve English writing skills in the 'write' moment 

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Scribo AI reconnects educators and students to boost English writing skills, as writing happens. 

What is Scribo AI?

Scribo AI is the English writing improvement platform used across K-12 and higher education to help teachers help students to build English literacy skills. 

The fundamentals for growing English writing skills have not changed: feedback must follow writing and student practice leads to progress.  

Increasing teacher workloads however, is not the solution. Maximising teacher instruction time is.

Scribo AI adds an Additional Instructor into each class. Students work with instant personalized feedback, teachers have more time and insights and everyone is focused on making progress.

Scribo AI supports your pedagogy and workflow to help your students make progress in writing. 


Engage students in writing

Engage students in a supported writing workspace with the support they need to build confidence and skills.  

Create and differentiate writing activities in seconds, motivating students to write more while reducing your time in lesson planning.  

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Reduce Grading hours

Reclaim time using Scribo AI to help grade written work with trusted precision, improvement advice and insights into where to target intervention. 

Scribo AI supports all of your prefered rubrics.

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Individualize Feedback

Deliver trusted, actionable feedback, directly to students. Empower students to self-direct their own writing improvement as they write.

Target the actionable feedback and steps you want your students to address. 

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Do more with handwriting 

Handwriting is a beautiful modality to improve writing skills. Scribo lets you manage, grade and return feedback on handwritten texts by taking a picture. 

Scribo caters for all styles of handwritten English, even unclear handwriting.

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Monitor Writing Growth 

Track and analyse student growth with insights to help target, remediate and extend instruction. 

Track progression against any country or state curriculum standards. Currently available for AUS and USA.

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Build Engaging Content 

Support and engage students with dynamic lesson plans, adaptive quizzes, and educational micro-courses optimised for mobile and tablet access.

All content is auto grading with instant feedback.

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Integrate into your Ecosystem 

Integrate Scribo with your existing learning platforms and standards without disrupting current systems.

Through GG4L integration, instant deployment across your school with protection over Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is built in. 

Integrate with Google Docs, Google Workspace, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or your choice of LMS.

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Trusted by over 150,000 teachers globally

Scribo supports all educators, saving time and engaging students in more writing more. Importantly, Scribo gives students the confidence to and feedback to self-improve.

Ms Rawling • AI project leader - US District

Scribo delivers great feedback every day, no matter what we write. With a 10X reduction in my grading time and a big uplift in student engagement, Scribo is making a difference.

L Sheldon • Senior English teacher 

Students love the independence of instant feedback to guide their next steps, so do I. I respect the quality and oversight Scribo delivers to teachers.

Claudius Mario Ross • Senior English master Abu Dhabi

I want my students to write every day to improve their writing skills. Without Scribo there is no way I could keep up with the feedback they need. All of my students love it and I have more time to focus on teaching. 

Carrie Sheldon • Senior English Texas, USA