To support teaching and learning through COVID-19, Literatu offers Schools and Universities FREE access to SCRIBO with 150 writing checks to start !
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 Our job is to support the job educators do every day growing English writing skills


Growing strong student writing skills is hard work. To improve writing, students must practise writing more. More writing means more feedback and more feedback needs more teacher time. Who has more time?

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Students have instant feedback and guidance

1. Fast Start

Get your students online and writing in less than 15 minutes.

2.Give students ownership

Students take ownership of their writing with instant AI feedback and guidance as they write. 

3. Live monitor student work

Educators are connected LIVE to students as they work. Critical learning support is immediate.

Educators connect LIVE to every student

1. Improve writing quality

Educators get better quality writing from students, freeing up their time for personal feedback 

2. Data for insights

Detailed data builds with every writing check & piece of teacher feedback 

3. Data informed decisions

Aggregated reporting simplifies data-informed decisions, from a student to a system or district

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