Scribo offers the 'write' way forwards for English and humanities teachers and students.

Scribo understands that every student has a different level of writing ability.

There are eight types of student writers in every class. This reality is the baseline from where every educator starts teaching. When cohort writing skills vary from confident to unsure or lost, this has a significant teaching and learning impact on the entire class as each student needs differing levels of engagement and support. 

The time needed for individual attention is immediately under pressure. Bloom's Research into improving student performance by two standard deviations, otherwise known as sigmas, showed there are two proven ways to improve learning outcomes for any level of student. To move learning one sigma higher, for example from below average to average, reinforcement learning guides each student to achieve goals step by step. To move learning two sigma higher one-on-one tuition is the most effective. While this makes sense, it also raises obvious time and resource challenges. Reinforcement learning and one-on-one tuition are both time-consuming for educators to deliver and manage. When educators are time-poor, the latency of feedback can impact student engagement. 

Artificial intelligence gives educators an opportunity to reduce their workload while boosting student engagement and achievement in writing. AI helps to deliver the personalized support that Bloom's research proves is the most effective. With many educators working 20 overtime hours a week, educators need to rebalance where time is invested with more capacity. Scribo helps all educators reimagine the writing process that is happening in the classroom right now by connecting engagement immediate feedback and guidance with insights into student and cohort progress.

Scribo saves many hours of educator time while improving student learning outcomes. Importantly, Scribo works with students at their current writing level. To improve writing skills, students must write more and that means more feedback. This is where Scribo works tirelessly, keeping students engaged in feedback to help them make visible and self-directed progress. 

Scribo is a proven AI platform to help educators help students develop better English writing skills quicker. Our integrated approach blends engagement, support and remediation into a single educator - student connection. 

Activate the potential of an additional instructor in your classroom with Scribo.

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