Scribo simply re-connects teachers and students in  writing

Remove the big barriers of engagement, time and feedback to better support the art of writing English well 

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Scribo integrates three key workflows.

  • Engage students to write more with live writing support and guidance
  • Coach and support writers with quality feedback and suggestions
  • Grow student skills, reduce teacher workloads and use better data to target teaching.

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Engage students in writing by writing more

Scribo solves the challenges of 'more'

  • Link dynamic writing plans and scaffolds that engage students with more interactive support as they write.

  • Integrate more inclusive writing topics alongside your curriculum without more work. 
  • Save more teacher time in lesson preparation. 

Coach & support student writing as it happens

Students value feedback when it's about what to do next.

  • Students self-direct their learning with multi-level personalised feedback. Teachers set the level of feedback for each class.

  • Feedback moves students beyond topical Grammar and spelling corrections with great advice on where to improve and how.

  • Greatly reduce teacher workloads in feedback and correction.

  • Teachers stay connected to students with additional AI feedback superpowers.

Look into learning with instant insights

Teachers have visibility into where targeted teaching will help.

  • Knowing 'who needs what help' is at your fingertips.

  • Instant visible data for teachers and learning leaders to target student help and monitor student progress.

  • Connect students and parents into visible progress both online and via detailed reporting.