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How we help K-12 teachers and students

Engage Students

Monitor progress as writing happens

  • Deliver live feedback for students as they write
  • Track feedback rather than lose sight of it
  • Integrate with platforms you use every day
  • Find teachable moments as they happen
  • Manage writing as a journey rather than as a destination

Save time marking - encourage peer review

Build and share your preferred grading rubrics to manage more feedback and guidance than just a score. Upload existing rubrics in seconds. 

  • Students self assess against rubrics
  • Open peer review – driven by teacher choices
  • Track growth across revisions and rubric levels over time
  • Automate feedback reporting to students

Integrate all systems

Use Scribo inside Google or Word without ever leaving Google Docs or Word. 

Integrate with your LMS quickly to focus engagement.

  • Integrate with Teams and Google Classroom
  • Manage Scribo from a simple side panel in Word or Docs
  • Blend features to suit the way you work and to support your teachable moments
  • Use Scribo to create lessons and teachable moments for you to discuss with the class

Work where you like to!

Personalise feedback to build better writers

Scribo Student mode works with students directly for any writing tasks! We call it Scribo SOLO.

It doesn’t matter if you are writing an English or history essay or a university science paper, Scribo analyses your text and delivers personalised feedback – in multiple languages as well.

Scribo Student is perfect for any student wanting feedback – on any text response, at any level of study.

Get a full writing check in seconds

  • Personalised feedback in seconds
  • Work through prioritised feedback
  • Check the impact of changes on your score
  • Make a change and run another check

Absorb the feedback in any language

  • Translate feedback on the fly – great if you have an ESL background
  • Scribo makes feedback more familiar to you
  • Spell checking won’t make you a better writer

Save time - Let Scribo do the work

Teacher time is best spent mentoring, not correcting simple mistakes.

  • Scribo AI saves teachers hours of review time
  • Red, Amber and Green ratings show students where to focus on feedback
  • Teachers can tune feedback text at many levels
  • Add student feedback via speech to text. Just click and talk! 
  • Deliver group feedback to all students in one click
  • Track feedback across all students and cohorts

Open insights into data

Scribo builds data about writing from every student writing check. This data tracks progress over time across multiple axes of writing skills. These data stories inform teaching.

  • Data builds from Students, Classes, Teachers, Subjects, Years, Cohorts and upwards
  • Teachers can export the data for more analysis
  • Track growth data by class, analyse your teacher feedback

How we help tertiary students and tutors

Engage students