Launch Scribo from inside Google DOCS 

Invest your time in writing improvement and let Scribo read every word.

Teachers can save over 10 hours a week by letting Scribo find where each and every student needs more guidance.
Reinforce good writing habits and identify areas for improvement without reading or grading a single essay.

Scribo is suitable for all English and humanities subjects.

Personalised feedback is tailored for each individual student.

Personalised feedback makes the biggest positive impact on writing improvement. It also takes teachers the most time to create.

Scribo gives students real-time actionable feedback across 6 levels of core writing elements, within seconds. 

St Luke's amplify feedback with Scribo

If you’ve been in teaching for the last four or five years and you don’t know that feedback has a significant effect on learning, then you’ve had your head under a rock. Kelly Bauer St Lukes Assistant Principal

Teachers and students connect with live interaction and review.

Scribo streamlines the entire draft, feedback and review process, saving time and resources for teachers and students.

St Joseph's lets students drive the initiative to improve their writing

St Joseph’s Catholic School let students become the resident experts and lead the writing improvement initiative.

Scribo opens conversations with ‘ah-ha’ and teachable moments in full view.

Scribo Connect finds the conversations to have before teachers read a word! Scribo data insights powers writing improvement, discussion and class collaboration.

Scriblet is an interactive writing space to engage and guide students with live feedback, as they write.

Avatar coaches interact with students, giving them hints and tips as they write. Teachers can also give live feedback and check progress as students write.

The key objective is that teachers have less marking, students get immediate feedback and teachers know what to target-teach to close learning gaps.

Across English and all humanities subjects, teachers count on Scribo AI to amplify their impact and maximise learning opportunities.

Scribo integrates with Google Classroom and Google Docs - Seamless integration helps eveyone get over the tech and focus on the EDU.


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