The best way to be ready for PSLE English Paper 1 is to practise by handwriting.


Not long to go now

With a pen, a plan, and a picture of your handwritten text, Vision delivers instant feedback and guidance.

Preparing for the PSLE English paper is best done with more practice, more feedback and less stress. 

Get your child PSLE English Paper 1 ready :

  • Concise micro-courses with self-paced videos help students build repeatable planning to write and writing to plan skills. 

  • Students practice write from a library of essay topics. Each topic is directed by an interactive writing scaffold to reinforce the skills of essay planning. Each week top-up skill courses are assigned to students to focus them on key planning skills and good grammar techniques.

  • Students receive instant feedback and a score for each handwritten text.Vision grades against the PSLE marking criteria. Instant feedback shows students where improvements can be made. Parents receive a full writing report and with the Vision+ package, expert teachers deliver additional personal audio feedback.

  • Reduce the stress and loneliness of practice writing.  Research confirms that feedback is best served as writing happens. 

    Uniquely, Vision helps students improve their writing skills through hand written practice essays.

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Plan to write & write to plan

Vision has a library of practice PSLE essay topics, aligned to the themes and format of past PSLE papers.  Students also have a library of master-teacher instruction videos showing how to approach writing with confidence. Both continuous and situational writing styles are covered.

Each practice essay topic has comprehensive planning guides with tips to reinforce the critical steps of building a writing plan before writing a response. Writing is no longer a lonely task.

With interactive planning guides to accompany them, students confidently write to plan. With instant feedback available on demand, no student is left behind.

Everything in Vision is optimised for mobile and tablet access allowing students to refresh their skills anywhere. Sit outside in the fresh air! That's really important as well!

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Vision is built and powered by Scribo 
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Writing English well is a hard skill to develop. Vision by Scribo helps teachers and students get instant feedback on handwritten texts, just as Scribo does for digital texts.

Scribo AI feedback is used in every Singapore MOE school to help teachers quickly help students with feedback on digital writing. With handwriting driving the PSLE English test, Vision expands the reach of Scribo to give instant feedback and support to students on their handwritten texts. 

The app is called Vision and it is available for parents to help their child be the best writers they can be, without the stress.

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